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August 27, 2012

Things I could do . . . .

. . . if stranded on a desert island with only the contents of the cubby under the stairs!

So yesterday I was running out the door on my way to church when I couldn't locate the exact pair of sandals I wanted - I have critiqued my wardrobe here but I do have clothes that I wear to church, weddings and funerals - such as the pair of sandals I couldn't locate.  I had looked everywhere (at least twice) and finally decided if I wanted to really find them I was going to have to dig deep and I mean really deep - like deep into the bowels of our home - the dreaded cubby under the stairs!

I do not have a before picture but this ALL came out of that hole under the stairs - so yes it full, crammed all the way to the top, precariously stacked to explode at the mere brush of an arm headed out the door - but I wanted those sandals - so in my haste I flung it all on the floor and there it has laid for the past 24 hours and the shoes weren't there - but I must clean it up today as Chris has threatened to divorce me that is what a good and loving house wife does and we can't get out to the garage until I do!

So I sent this tweet out into the world this morning:

 "Breaking News: there has been a Carhartt avalanche or possible explosion from the cubby under the stairs-no injury's reported so far but I am headed into the rubble for cleanup if you don't hear from me soon send in the rescue team or at least the dog w/the keg of rum around his neck!"

and then I put on my steel toed boots and my hard hat and dove into the rubble!

But I hate cleaning and the farther I dug in the rubble and into the bowels of our home - as once the junk is removed this cubby has a door that ventures into Narnina Hell the bowels of our home the space underneath the stairs that also houses a variety of things that have not seen the light of day in years - so I made it a game!

I Present You

Things I could do if stranded on a desert island with only the contents of the cubby under the stairs

Let's begin shall we -

I could fit an entire family for the winter on a farm!  That's right folks I have located 8 pairs of insulated and 2 pairs of uninsulated (for those fair weather days) of Carhartt coveralls; as well as 11 Carhartt work coats for various changes in temperature; they are in an aray of sizes starting with a large man all the way down to his youngest child!  Now all hanging neatly in the garage-this won't last long once it gets cold!

I could break and groom a calf!

I could seal up my palm leaves shelter and provide light - well some only 1 out 3 work!  After that I could paint it with a choice of two different colors and stain the wood as well!

I could have an Easter Egg hunt!

I could outfit 4 kids with ski clothing! (none of which fit my kids anymore!)

I could dress as an Agri-Gold seed salesman and still have "goodies" to give away to my customers!  The deeper I got I found 2 more jackets and 2 more ski caps!

I could put shoes on all the kids in a third world country!

I could slide on a classic pair of black Justin Ropers and a Comfy and head out two-stepping!

I could play a game of ball!  Softball or baseball either one!

I could start an FFA chapter!  I found Chris' FFA jacket in the cubby (don't ask-I don't know)!

In this pic alone I could wash a camper; go swimming safely; fly a couple of kites; hem a pair of pants (that's a roll of heat bond hemming tape -don't ask cause I don't know!) and do a little math!

I would have bacon!

Kindling for a fire!

I could get a tan and jam to some Jimmy Buffet!

I could  - well I have no idea what I could do on a deserted island with winter hats

or with all these gloves - half of which didn't have mates!

And lastly and I swear this was in there
at the very back and I was playing this game in my head long before I found this

A PARROT - to keep me company on my deserted island!

And what you may ask did I do with all the stuff scattered all over my kitchen?  Well there was some stuff I threw away: shoes without mates, gloves without matches, empty paint cans . . . .!  There was a large bag of things to donate to Good Will!  And then there were a few items I couldn't bare to part with but didn't need in the least so I merely put them back into the bowels of our home as a time capsule - so that in 10 years when I decide to clean the cubby out again they will be there for the memory's - and yes the parrot went back in!

And what did I get for my troubles:

57 cents, a tractor muffler and a pair of finger nail clippers-which in this house is a real find

and at least till morning a clean back hallway!

Oh and I never found the sandals I was looking for!


  1. Oh my gosh I thought you had just cleaned the big table by the back door in my basement. It is a catch all for almost everything you have found in your bowels of(whatever I forget) thinking about it I do not have a parrot(great find) I am sure between the two of us and our findings we could both live on a deserted island and live forever.We could make beds out of all those hats and gloves.
    I am heading downstairs right now as you have inspired me or maybe it was just the thought of finding money.
    Oh well it was only a brief thought you don't think I was going to go through with it did you. I can't see it from here so it really does not exist. :) Great job. B

  2. Good grief!! It's like the time we cleaned out our storeroom. We kept pulling out stuff that we had duplicates (and triplicates) for and wondering HOW we'd crammed so much stuff in there!!
    Good on you for making a game of it. I'd just muttered obscenities the entire time and then proclaimed LOUDLY to the people in my house that they'd damned well not better mess it up again or they'd regret it.
    Aaaaannnnnnd, that would last about a week.

  3. I just did this to my whole house and the GoodWill store close to my office loves me. I couldn't believe it had been two years since I had been in some of those places in my home. I feel so much better that it is de-cluttered. Good luck girl!!

  4. I hope you put Jimmy Buffet back in there with the parrot. I have the same problem, lots of gloves with no matches, my husband will wear them, I throw them out. I really need to clean out my basement, I keep saying that, as there are things we put down there in 1996 when we moved here, that I need to get rid of the things down there we haven't used/needed in the past 16 yrs.
    You make me smile with your posts! thanks, Pam

  5. You made me smile this morning ;-)