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October 2, 2012

My Toothbrush!

This morning as I am brushing my teeth for the 2nd time in 3 hours I think to myself -

"Jent maybe you should buy yourself a new toothbrush and you really need to wipe down this bathroom counter"

truly that is what went thru my mind- what brought on this insanity and then proceeded to carry the thought even farther to a childhood memory you ask?

Well - I have a teeth brushing thing - I don't have the whitest teeth and yes I have cavity's (the silver kind that if you open your mouth can pick up radio reception) but I tend to brush my teeth about 6-7 times a day!  I have not always been this way, as a matter of fact I am positive my Mom had to say to me as a kid (just as I have had to say to mine on more than one occasion) "Have you bothered to brush your teeth at all this week?!"  But as an adult I brush them quite often -I am not weirdly obsessive about it but if it is convenient and I am home I brush my teeth after eating/drinking anything.  You might say it is part of my diet plan (I don't normally want to eat with clean teeth) that is if I had a diet plan which I obviously don't!

So Chris and I got back from Manning (for the second time) the end of last week - quick overnight trip to pick up the calves we bought a couple of weeks ago (totally different post) but anyway the point of this post is that Chris forgot his toothbrush!

We finally get to a hotel in Carroll Iowa for the night at about 11:30 and he is standing at the sink and he says "Well crap I forgot my toothbrush" I say 'just use mine' - gross or not that is just how it went!  He did and again the next morning and then informs me that my toothbrush is all 'wallered' out and 'soft' and that he would just as soon not brush his teeth as use mine!  My reaction was fine then don't, I happen to like my toothbrush!

But this morning as I was putting toothpaste on my brush I looked at my toothbrush and thought

"Jent maybe you should buy yourself a new toothbrush and you really need to wipe down this bathroom counter"

which then triggered a memory from my childhood!

My Mom uses toothbrushes to clean with and when we were kids if she needed one to clean something and didn't have one she would go in our bathroom look at our kids' toothbrushes and pick the one she thought needed replaced the most and take it to clean with - now she didn't tell us and we would discover this when we went to brush our teeth the next time - my Mom always has extra toothbrushes and so it was never a problem, as a matter of fact I know for certain if you went to her house right now, knocked on her door and asked for a toothbrush she could produce no less than 10 brand new still in the package toothbrushes for you to choose from!

The point of this story:




Thank you very much and have a great day!


  1. The toothbrush is a favorite cleaning tool of mine when I do feel the urge to actually clean. I DO think, though, the cleaning toothbrushes should be specially marked so that the owner will know not to use it for teeth brushing as it was recently used to clean crud out of the grout work around the faucet handles. I really should get on that....Dang!

  2. I have used toothbrushes in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and a bunch in the garage. They're great cleaning tools and we get new ones everytime we go to the dentist.

  3. LOL that is funny I have a whole drawer full of new ones and old ones under the bathroom sink even though I rarely clean with them. Habit I guess in case I do:) B

  4. You know our dentist quite giving away toothbrushes and I don't have all those brushes that I used to have Now I have to buy them and can never find one I like