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December 21, 2012

Am I Smart Enough For A Smart Phone?

So it's true, as connected and on top of it as I seem to be this household has not stepped into the world of smartphones but we are getting closer and closer everyday!

I posted this fall about losing my old orange flip phone and why it was so important to me - after finding it the poor thing went thru several more tramatic events that are slowly leading to its failure!  And this Insta-gram pic of Chris:

talking on a flip phone brought several comments of astonishment that he didn't have a smartphone!

But thanks to Verizon we are now hooked!

So to start with they sent us a Razr HD by Motorola:

And a Samsung Galaxy SIII:

Chris immediatly took the Razr which worked out great because I really liked the look of the Galaxy - I will say that for the first two weeks we were pretty much completely addicted to these phones - taking them everywhere, on them constantly - basically they never left our hands much to the dismay of the 3 kids who were itching to just touch them, stare at them in awe and download  countless useless apps on them - I will say after the first two weeks our obcessive use of them did drop off dramatically - I was seriously afraid we were not going to be able to afford to ever own any for fear of paying huge data usage bills every month!

Both of these phones worked out great for all kinds of purposes!

Chris-For the first two weeks, I couldn't put the phone down, learning, sorting, organizing, and discovering what the phone could do was fascinating. Having the weather with me at all times was usefull, and I realy liked the way the calendar worked. Calculator function, though simple, is another of my priorities, and this one worked well. The internet is handy on the job, but what I really used was just the simple portability of the internet even in our own home. I normaly use the desktop computer in my office for the internet, but I found myself accessing the internet from other areas of our home. What I realy need in a phone is convenient, secure, carrying. something that I won't lose climbing out of a grain bin, and I do not know if this fits the bill or not. Also....it is a bit cumbersome,...as a phone. It does lots of tasks well, but I have to look at it , press at least a couple icons, just to answer the phone. I never did figure out call waiting. Personal organizer, great. Portable internet access, great. Phone calls, fair. I can get my flip phone out while working and answer it with one hand. I can find most numbers I need quicker with my old phone. But the smart phone does save me time. I have several websites I visit daily, and I found myself using small openings to work this in, instead of spending time at my desk. I just wish it would fit in my pocket.

Jent -I loved the size of the Samsung screen, the camera did a great job for what I would use a camera phone for, it is very simple to use and understand!  There are only 2 things that I really didn't like about this phone - while the screen size was awesome for surfing the net, texting & social media it made the phone size just too big for my liking, it wasn't convienent, while it is extremely thin and light it felt too big for my back pocket (which is where I carry my phone right or wrong) and odd as it sounds the actual phone feature I found awkward, hard to use and because of the size of the phone it felt like I was holding a small book up to the side of my face!

I loved Chris having a smartphone because since the camera was easily accessed he actually took pics of me!!!

I think 'Santa' will hopefully be bringing some smartphones to The Campbell House this Christmas


  1. Oh I am still using an old flip phone with 2 G's and when I drive north too far no one can get me good or bad I have not figured that out yet:)
    I am lazy at learning new things oh so many decisions:) Take care. Love that pic of Chris. Hug B

  2. my mister and i have the casio gzone commando. we love them! they are durable and not too big. and its waterproof, i dropped mine in the water tank... and we have internet, so we can watch the markets and we use the navigation when traveling for cattle shows.