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December 4, 2012

HBC via Instagram

"prepping meals for Hoosier Beef congress, so nice just to go to the freezer for pork we raised! Pork BBQ and chili-which we always make w/sausage! #soexcited #HBC"
"sporting my fav sweatshirt to help keep me motivated for the long, memorymaking, tiring, fun weekend!  Now I have to go find my 'I will not tell my kid what to do in the show ring' t-shirt! #HBC"

"Most of the snacks packed! #HBC"

"Show clothes packed! #noeasytask #lovethisbag"

"So much for my plan of the kids are old enough now I won't have to get crap all over me-haven't loaded cattle yet and all ready got it up and down my jeans! #bestlaidplans"

"#myboots are on their way to Congress! #HBC"

"Watch out Indy, The Campbell's are in the big city!"

"A little pre-team fitting contest clipping! #HBC #thanksdad"

"Everybody is setting up for team fitting contest! #mommasnervous"

"The fitting team I gave birth to! #mommasproud #mommasreallynervous"

"My cow hair cocktail to ease my nerves! #redsolocup #mommasreallynervous"

"It's on! #HBC"

"It is too early for my feet to hurt! #myboots #mybootsaretired #hateconcrete!"

"#myboots & #cowbutts #HBC"

"EID's all around on the house by #BOAH! #HBC"

"They always end up this way!"

Lou took a pic of me clipping!

"My feet hurt again tonight! #mybootsaretired #myboots #stillhateconcrete"

"Cole & Otto #HBC"

"Making sure his steer eats everything"

"Just got home and afraid to take my boots off-early morning tmw and my feet are sore so not sure I will be able to get them back on! #myboots #mybootsaretired"

"I LOVE MY MOM! She brought us homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon & milk! #bestmomever #shesmine"

"I will not tell my kid what to do in the show ring" -first calf going in the ring in a minute and I am wearing my shirt and continually mumbling the words to myself! #wishmeluck oh #wishmykidsluck"

"Headed to the show ring-goodluck Casey #loveyou #HBC"

"The once over by Dad #HBC"

"In the ring-kid 1 #HBC"

"Kid 2 heading in the ring! #HBC"

"Adopted kid 3 headed into the ring! He even smiled #rare #HBC"

"I always end up on breakdown duty!"

"Kid 4 and final one in the ring!"

"The Manning sticker made it on the showbox and we showed it off proudly at 2012 #HBC"

"#mybootsaretired, dirty & ready to go home along with the rest of me! #myboots Now who's gonna load the trailer? #HBC"

"Exhausted calves!"

"May still be here tmw-so tired!"



"In full disclosure while #HBC is fun this is what the area by the back door to my house looks like after 4 days there! #yeswearemessy #slobs #tootiredtoworrytoday"
P.S. My kids would like to personally thank Verizon & Michelle Gilbert of Verizon & Kyle Communications for letting me try out the smart phone responsible for my Instagram posts - with out it I would of spent the time it took me to take these pics hounding them in the show ring!!!!


  1. i saw you at HBC but couldn't make it to talk. we were rushing to the ring. keeping track of our two and two nephews. showmanship, washing, clipping and showing was fun and exhausting! i feel your pain about the mess! im still hacking away at ours! Happy Holidays...

  2. Great docu-instagram-mentary of how you spent 3-4 days. LOVED it! Have you recovered yet. I'm still on my own version of trying to be everywhere at the same time and everything to everyone. About ready to jump off this crazy ride. Wishing for a big snow, but the weatherman is not encouraging me :-(

  3. I'm still on my own version of trying to be everywhere at the same time and everything to everyone. Visit Us