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January 31, 2013

I can't, I just can't!

So the other day I put this as my Facebook status:

I don't wear make up-on a good day I will put mascara on but other than that none, zilch, nadda - the kids, cows & pigs just don't care - but I been thinking maybe I should-I have worn Bare Minerals in the past and really liked it but don't want to be on there monthly shipment program (been there done that) so I was checking out EBay and thought I would start with eye shadow - they have the Smokey Eye, the Rocker Eye, the Foil Eye and so on - where is the just the Everyday I Don't Want To Look Old or Tired Eye?????

So today Chris says to me first thing this morning that he is going to go look at a harrow for one of our field cultivators why don't I ride along - of course I have a million things to do but drop everything to ride along - I am getting ready - quick shower, throw on some jeans, t-shirt, jacket, boots, straighten my hair real quick and as I am standing there just about to walk out the door I look on the bathroom counter and see girls' make-up!!!  So I thought why not - now I didn't get carried away just some light eye shadow and some mascara - and out the door I went!

And 5 miles down the road this happened:

Roadtrip with Chris to look at a harrow for cultivator-he just looked at me and said 'wow you look nice today looks like you actually put some effort into getting dressed and ready' quickly followed by 'shit that didn't come out right did it?' Followed by 'well it's nice to see you out of your housecoat' along with the laugh I love! #farmwifeprobs #farmwifeproblems #roadtrip #lovemylife #fmsphotoaday

Of course the very first thing I did was Instagram, Facebook & Tweet it!

But make-up is hard for me!  I don't want to spend a lot of time on it, there is just no need in my line of business (hehe like I have a line of business); I am not overly disciplined at washing my face to remove the make-up at night; and I don't like the feel of it on my face!

I don't mind eye shadow or eye liner too much and I do wear mascara - but choosing a color of eye shadow is about to drive me insane - this time of the year something like purple or green just makes me look like I have even darker circles under my eyes and like I have a black eye!

Blue you say!  This is where I can't, I just can't -

even thinking about blue eye shadow gives me a cold chill, getting too close to it makes me shudder and touching it might possibly send me into physical convulsions - you see I am a teenager of the 80's - I went thru pounds of blue eye shadow in high school - so even the thought of wearing it- well I just can't - it looks beautiful on people and blue is my favorite color but get me anywhere near it and suddenly I feel just a little bit chunkier than all the other girls, that my jeans aren't tapered enough, that my bangs aren't teased high enough,  I start to panic because I can't remember where my locker is, I just know I am going to forget my schedule and walk into the wrong class like a dork and God forbid I trip in the cafeteria with my tray or have no body to sit with - yep that's right that is exactly what blue eye shadow does to me even today, just typing this I have sweaty palms!

But Chris - oh Chris -if he had his way I would still be sporting the teased up high hair and the blue shadow and look just like this:

This is the same reason I can't wear Sperry's - I sported the Eastland Boat Shoes one too many times in the 80's- ten bucks says I am wearing them in the picture above where I am wearing the fancy Aztec sweater probably paired with a nice pair of wide wale corduroy shorts from Sycamore!!!!!

But apparently I need to do something cause when I actually have to get out of my housecoat and into the real world make-up helps!!!!

January 24, 2013

Me, Myself and I . . .

. . .don't always get along!

I have said before that my head is a scary place - and I am seriously not kidding!  Me, Myself and I tend to spend a lot of time discussing/arguing with each other - there is normally a perpetual battle of snarky comments going on in MY head between them!  Sometimes they agree (at least in the beginning) but about mid-point of any task/project there is definite dissension among the ranks!

At the beginning of an idea/project/task they are all:


About mid-point it starts and one will say:

Whose dumb idea was this anyway-
It was YOURS wasn't it???

And the beginning of the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Well it wasn't ME!
I: I certainly wouldn't of thought we could pull this off
Myself: By MYSELF-no way!

All Together:

 Well maybe this was YOUR idea!

And the battle/conversation in MY head wages on:

Me: Who thought the closest needed a makeover anyway -it's a closet!!! It definitely wasn't ME!

I: Well I didn't -WE don't ever finish projects -just look in the garage!! I tried to tell you!

Me: You did not tell ME that and please don't look in the garage!

Myself: Come on guys - doing this MYSELF would of felt so good!

I: I hate to be the one to say it - but I told you so!

We: Come on guys WE all have to stick together!

Your: I think YOUR on YOUR own.

Such is MY life!

There were a few more projects on the list for this closet but 
for the sake of MY sanity WE are calling this project complete for now!!!!!

January 22, 2013

It's one of those days . . .

. . .where I feel like I am raising 4 kids.

. . .where no matter how many times I load the washer the pile of dirty laundry never seems to get smaller.

. . .where I think I have all the dishes clean and I keep finding more.

. . .where I think I have everything on the calendar and then someone reminds me I have forgotten something.

. . .where I feel like I have failed as a parent.

. . .where if I see one more pair of manure covered boots and Carhartts I might go postal.

. . .where I could use a serious attitude adjustment.

. . .where I feel like I am raising a paraplegic pig in my kitchen.

It's one of those days. . .

. . .where I am thankful I have 3 really good kids and a husband who may not always pick up after himself but is my very best friend and gets super excited for Taco Tuesday at Grill Bar and takes me every week!

. . .where I am thankful that I don't have to use a washboard and tub of heated water! that is just what I keep telling myself!

. . .where I am thankful that we have plenty to eat and drink and be healthy! that is just what I keep telling myself!

. . .where I am thankful we are part of an involved community and industry that we love!

. . .where I realize that my parents made it thru my teen years without killing themselves or me and that quite frankly I probably deserve this! As I constantly repeat to myself 'Karma is only a bitch if you are' and WOW is that saying right on the money!!!!

. . .where at least we can afford the proper clothing for our job! that is just what I keep telling myself!

. . .where I am thankful for modern medicine that provides me with a daily dose of attitude adjustment!

. . .where I am actually raising a paraplegic pig in my kitchen who is grunting as I type because he wants fed!!!!!!!!!

The smile on my face doesn't
mean my life is perfect.
It means I appreciate
what I have and what
God has blessed me with.

January 18, 2013

I'm Cleaning!!!!

Oh pick yourself up or at least your jaw up off the floor-no new signs of senility or for that matter maturity on my part - while I should be cleaning things such as the kitchen, bathrooms, doing laundry and the garage I am actually cleaning up some of my Pinterest Boards!

I am not a big fan of meal planning - which I use that term lightly as I am a terrible meal 'planner' - it usually comes down to what I am in the mood for and how much time I have and what I have on hand and then factor in what meat is thawed out - so yeah that is pretty much the way I roll!!!

So when we were basically out of everything except meat in the freezer (and yes I consider meat a meal in and of itself but about 3 of nothing but beef or pork on a plate is about as far as I can push it around here) I decided it was time to turn to Pinterest - so on the menu this week are some of the following pins:

Pinned Image

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites
Not sure what to serve with these - any suggestions?
(picture from this site)
Pinned Image
Cilantro Lime Chicken
Site says to serve with flour tortillas but I think I am going to serve over white rice!
October Morning
(picture from this site)
Pinned Image

Going to fix the cheesy bread below with this!
Little Fellows
(picture from this site)

Pinned Image

Laurens Latest
(picture from this site)

Pinned Image

I am seem to be on an oatmeal kick - this recipe is gluten free - not nec. important to me but just a side note for those that are interested in that!
Uban Nester
(picture from this site)

Pinned Image

Today's Mama
(picture from this site)

Check back and I'll let you know how they all turn out!



January 14, 2013

Dear Future Nursing Home Attendant;

My name is Jennifer and while currently I am only 43 and in control of all my mental capacities (no comment from the peanut gallery please) I realized the other day that I possess some interesting habits, quirks, idiosyncrasy's, if you will, currently that I believe you should be aware of from the mere stand point that in later years as you are caring for me you don't confuse them as new/newer symptoms of senility on my part.

1. I talk to myself - out loud. Sometimes it is just a mumble, sometimes it is a full blown me to me conversation - if you don't understand me please don't ask me to repeat it, it will anger me and is probably none of your business and therefore I will not wish to repeat it.  You might hear your name mentioned in said conversation but just 'letitgo' please I beg of you just 'letitgo'-it will pass I promise!

2. I use my full name quite often - 'Jennifer Leigh' - most of the time with an edge to my voice as I am generally trying to get myself to focus!

3. In the shower when the shampoo runs down my face I blow bubbles- there I admitted it, it's true - just allow me this!

4. I could possibly holler randomly - "Have you fed the calves?" "Have you done your homework?" "Who thought it was a good idea to walk thru the house in $h!t covered boots?" "We have a trash can USE IT!" - I do that now and sometimes even when the kids aren't home - reference #1!

5. I will roll my eyes!  I am not reverting back to my younger years - I have done this my whole life and figure it will not go away in my senior years!

6. I may randomly call you into my room on the pretense that I want to give you a hug and tell you how much I love you and then say things like "Oh while you're here could you find the remote for me!".

7. I like 'potty' humor - always have always will!

8. I love peanut M&M's - yellow are my favorite and I NEVER eat the brown ones!

9. I have sock issues! Socks that have touched the floor must never be worn in my shoes- you must put on one sock and that shoe then the other sock and shoe!

These seem to be the major ones right now - if I don't say it later I would like to Thank You for all you do and for caring for me, I appreciate it!

Sincerely, Jennifer Campbell

P.S. My husband says that there are probably many more and he will be glad to add to my 'file' as they come to him!

January 13, 2013

When the cows need hay . . .

the weather doesn't matter!

And what I love about Chris having a smart phone:
He actually takes pics of me!!!!

January 1, 2013

Here's To A New Year!

I won't lie - I am so glad to see 2012 to come to an end - definitely hasn't ranked up there as one of the top years in my book but one thing I have always tried to do is to make sure I never say things like "that was the worst year ever" because I have no desire for God to look down and say "Oh Jent you can handle so much more-let me show you how strong you really are!"  So while I won't say it has been a good year I will just say it was a rough one!

I have so much to be thankful for and as long as I realize that, it can't all be bad!

So here is to a new year of ups and downs I am sure but I am blessed with a great family to celebrate the good times with and lean on for the not so good!

So here is to hoping there are more sunshiny days than cloudy but realizing that without the cloudy the sunshine isn't truly appreciated to its fullest.