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January 14, 2013

Dear Future Nursing Home Attendant;

My name is Jennifer and while currently I am only 43 and in control of all my mental capacities (no comment from the peanut gallery please) I realized the other day that I possess some interesting habits, quirks, idiosyncrasy's, if you will, currently that I believe you should be aware of from the mere stand point that in later years as you are caring for me you don't confuse them as new/newer symptoms of senility on my part.

1. I talk to myself - out loud. Sometimes it is just a mumble, sometimes it is a full blown me to me conversation - if you don't understand me please don't ask me to repeat it, it will anger me and is probably none of your business and therefore I will not wish to repeat it.  You might hear your name mentioned in said conversation but just 'letitgo' please I beg of you just 'letitgo'-it will pass I promise!

2. I use my full name quite often - 'Jennifer Leigh' - most of the time with an edge to my voice as I am generally trying to get myself to focus!

3. In the shower when the shampoo runs down my face I blow bubbles- there I admitted it, it's true - just allow me this!

4. I could possibly holler randomly - "Have you fed the calves?" "Have you done your homework?" "Who thought it was a good idea to walk thru the house in $h!t covered boots?" "We have a trash can USE IT!" - I do that now and sometimes even when the kids aren't home - reference #1!

5. I will roll my eyes!  I am not reverting back to my younger years - I have done this my whole life and figure it will not go away in my senior years!

6. I may randomly call you into my room on the pretense that I want to give you a hug and tell you how much I love you and then say things like "Oh while you're here could you find the remote for me!".

7. I like 'potty' humor - always have always will!

8. I love peanut M&M's - yellow are my favorite and I NEVER eat the brown ones!

9. I have sock issues! Socks that have touched the floor must never be worn in my shoes- you must put on one sock and that shoe then the other sock and shoe!

These seem to be the major ones right now - if I don't say it later I would like to Thank You for all you do and for caring for me, I appreciate it!

Sincerely, Jennifer Campbell

P.S. My husband says that there are probably many more and he will be glad to add to my 'file' as they come to him!


  1. So Jent one question, did you save the brown ones because I would SO eat them right now. I think you are very normal, well as normal as me. Well maybe not normal normal:) Hug B

  2. I LOVE your blog. I probably don't comment very much, but I read every post. I feel like I am back on the family farm, even though I haven't lived there for over 30 years.

  3. You know, I bet you will be your future nursing home attendant's favorite patient. And, I for one pray they still grant you access to your blog so we can be amused at your online antics as well.

  4. Since I'm older, you can come bunk with me when the time comes.

  5. Thanks for the smile this morning! I've read a couple of your posts and look forward to the many more to come!