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January 1, 2013

Here's To A New Year!

I won't lie - I am so glad to see 2012 to come to an end - definitely hasn't ranked up there as one of the top years in my book but one thing I have always tried to do is to make sure I never say things like "that was the worst year ever" because I have no desire for God to look down and say "Oh Jent you can handle so much more-let me show you how strong you really are!"  So while I won't say it has been a good year I will just say it was a rough one!

I have so much to be thankful for and as long as I realize that, it can't all be bad!

So here is to a new year of ups and downs I am sure but I am blessed with a great family to celebrate the good times with and lean on for the not so good!

So here is to hoping there are more sunshiny days than cloudy but realizing that without the cloudy the sunshine isn't truly appreciated to its fullest.



  1. Oh Jent there are many many sunny bright days ahead. I know it has been a tough year but you have made it and 2013 will be fantastic. Just look at the beautiful family you have and the strength you have found, there is nothing you cannot get through my dear friend. It is going to be great. HUGS HUGS B

  2. I do hope 2013 is much kinder!

  3. Here's to getting through whatever lies ahead with grace, dignity, and good friends....oh and let's not forget our faith and sense of humor!

  4. 2013 WILL be better!! I decree it.
    I know 2012 kicked your butt, however, you managed to keep laughing through it all and laughter helps heal so much. <3 ya woman!!