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January 24, 2013

Me, Myself and I . . .

. . .don't always get along!

I have said before that my head is a scary place - and I am seriously not kidding!  Me, Myself and I tend to spend a lot of time discussing/arguing with each other - there is normally a perpetual battle of snarky comments going on in MY head between them!  Sometimes they agree (at least in the beginning) but about mid-point of any task/project there is definite dissension among the ranks!

At the beginning of an idea/project/task they are all:


About mid-point it starts and one will say:

Whose dumb idea was this anyway-
It was YOURS wasn't it???

And the beginning of the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Well it wasn't ME!
I: I certainly wouldn't of thought we could pull this off
Myself: By MYSELF-no way!

All Together:

 Well maybe this was YOUR idea!

And the battle/conversation in MY head wages on:

Me: Who thought the closest needed a makeover anyway -it's a closet!!! It definitely wasn't ME!

I: Well I didn't -WE don't ever finish projects -just look in the garage!! I tried to tell you!

Me: You did not tell ME that and please don't look in the garage!

Myself: Come on guys - doing this MYSELF would of felt so good!

I: I hate to be the one to say it - but I told you so!

We: Come on guys WE all have to stick together!

Your: I think YOUR on YOUR own.

Such is MY life!

There were a few more projects on the list for this closet but 
for the sake of MY sanity WE are calling this project complete for now!!!!!


  1. Teehee!
    Love your conversation and great closet!

  2. It looks great! I wish my closet was that big! I love the chandelier.

  3. Congratulations! The closet looks wonderful, and you can check that project off your "to do" list!!

  4. I LOVE the chandelier!! It looks awesome!! I would love that much closet space.

  5. looks great!! i love the mirror idea

  6. I love the turquoise color! You and I sound similar when it comes to the conversations amongst ourselves! Made me laugh....Totally relate to that one. Doesn't it feel good to finally get one project complete and be able to check it off the list!

  7. If my closet was that big I would sit in it and read or you could blog like the color