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January 13, 2013

When the cows need hay . . .

the weather doesn't matter!

And what I love about Chris having a smart phone:
He actually takes pics of me!!!!


  1. Boy do those pictures look familiar! Especially the coveralls and boots all wet and muddy, my husband always has his tucked in his 5 buckle boots, I wear my muck boots and too long coveralls and they are usually soaked. We got our cows hay before we got our 'January thaw' this weekend, I was very happy about this. Also got up the hay we load out every Monday and I am very grateful for that as I almost got the skid loader stuck where the wrapped baleage is! Love to see the pics of what is going on at your farm. Pam

  2. Love seeing all the pics! And seeing you ;)

  3. Ugh mud, but I guess we can't complain about what form the moisture comes in!