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February 20, 2013

Top Dressed Wheat!

The Co-Op top dressed our wheat today!

I saw (well technically I heard it first) the Big A go by about 8:15 this morning, the sun was shining so I grabbed by insulated overalls and coat and flew out the door to take some pics!  Just as I got to the field the sun went behind a big dark cloud!

Last year we sprayed liquid 28 this year we used Urea a granular form of nitrogen.

 I took 58 pictures today and at the last minute whipped out my iPhone to take a quick one to put on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - and it turned out to be my favorite!!!


  1. Oh that last one is awesome. #60 works. Insulated coveralls today here too. Baby its cold outside. B

  2. Awesome!! The last one is my favorite too.