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March 30, 2013

I told myself I wasn't going to cry today . . .

. . . myself didn't listen -
Each time we have been here in Manning Iowa this church catches my eye - it sits up on a hill surrounded by corn fields, it seems so peaceful - today I had Chris drive me up to it so that I could take some pictures and while walking around with one eye closed and the other eye peering thru the view finder of my camera the tears started - they weren't loud and sobbing but quiet and slow falling and while I am a celebrate the life that was not the death that happened kind of person I just kept snapping pics of the church and let them fall.


March 28, 2013

Observations From My Morning!

1. I have too many clothes and nothing to wear!!!!

2. I know that it is rightie tightie, leftie loosie - but no matter how long I think about it or how hard I try I can't screw anything on or off with my left hand!

3. I am beginning to think my kids are more organized than I am - I used to pretend it was because I was their "behind the scenes" staging person - do the laundry, cook their meals, help them find things, remind them about personal hygiene (yes I have to do that), insist they do their homework - but quite honestly I am not sure anymore!

4. I gave up 3 things for Lent and we are coming down to the wire and I am only shooting about 78.3% - not anywhere near the 100% Jesus gave for me - but that's a whole other blog post (my 78.3% and how I came about that figure because it is an actual calculated number)!

5. I wonder what people really mean when they say things to me like:

Your so funny!
Your too much!
  God Bless You!

Are they really trying to say "for the love of all that is good Jennifer get your act together have you always been this stupid and scatter brained?"

6. I am easily distracted - this blog post for example - while I have about a bazillion (yes I counted) post ideas - things like:

How I threatened several hundred people and was rewarded with 80 degree weather and pretty flowers-

or the one about what I gave up for Lent or the calf we pulled the other day or getting the equipment ready for planting or . . . 

March 21, 2013

My love/hate relationship with March!!

FYI this is mostly a pity party that I am throwing for myself so if you could please get out the worlds smallest violin to play for me that would be great!  You will also be required at the end of this post to be able to look me in the eye and say "Jent get your balls out of your purse and quit whining!"

We will start with why I love March:

It is National Agricultue Month - seriously if for no other reason this makes March an amazing month!

So I get to do all kinds of fun things to promote an industry and life I love, like:

Be at the Indiana State House to represent The Real Farmwives of America during the state celebration!  This is the third year in a row (2011 & 2012) I was able to attend and I feel so blessed to be able to participate!

I get to watch my kids share our farm with 4th graders in Johnson County - it is amazing to be able to watch them talk to others about hog production correctly and proudly!

The Farmers Share breakfast in our county is a wonderful community event and I love that this years Farm Family are very close friends of ours!

We always have a couple of calves born!

There is 4-H cattle weigh-in!
And when the sun comes out it is a warm and welcome sight!

But on the other hand (which by the way is frozen!):

Most days the sky is gray.
Temps have barly gotten over freezing.
We have had snow.
Chris is antsy and almost impossible to live with.
The kids are antsy and almost impossible to live with.
I am antsy and almost impossible to live with.

All we want to do is this:

And to top it off I am having a hard time beleiving that at the end of this month my Dad will have been gone a year.

I know that March is just a month and that quite honestly the good far out weighs the bad but I won't lie I want this month over!

March 10, 2013

Am I a farmer?

I guess I don't know!

I have been called (and called myself) lots of things in my life (yes good & bad) but 'farmer'?  I know I have never allowed myself that title and honestly don't know that I have ever heard anyone else call me that either!

Since starting blogging and social media I have had to come up with a description of myself and almost always write:

"Farmers daughter, Farmers wife, Farm mom"

and I am proud of each one of those, as a matter of fact I am already planning for the day that I can change 'Farm mom' to 'Farmers Mom' if any of my kids choose to be the 7th generation to farm!

 And I of course also have the mandatory Mom/wife add-ons:

chief house keeper, head chef, chauffeur, farm hand, lackey, parts go getter, nurse maid . . . . . .


I wrote a blog post entitled "How Did I Get Here" once - I distinctly remember writing this post because it was fun - I talked about my childhood all the way up to current day - I say all the time that I LOVE MY LIFE and I do and writing that post made me realize I always have - I am blessed and I like the fact that I know it!

Anyway - the two hardest parts of a blog post for me are the beginning and the end - but this blog post was so easy and as I wrote (well typed) it just kind of fell out of my head thru my fingers and when I was finished and re-read it I absolutely fell in LOVE with the last sentence:

"I have lived every single day of my life in the midst of production agriculture."


It had just flowed, it came natural, I hadn't thought about it,  it came straight from my heart and I truly meant it!  When I was a kid my world depended on it and as an adult my world depends on it to support my family - that makes me proud and so many others are just like this as well and should be just as proud!
I just don't know if I deserve that title!

March 1, 2013

Does your child have a fever?

The Boy does today - I would tell you how high but a quick look in the cabinet for a thermometer and this is the only one I found:

I'll be honest I pretty much knew there wasn't one in there fit for human use but I did make the gesture  just the same!  We never have a thermometer when the kids get sick, never,but thankfully my Mother-In-Law lives right behind us and always has one - God Bless Her - ALWAYS -when the kids get sick I 'borrow' hers and well then it ends up being used on an animal and the cycle continues - for all I know she had to go out a buy a case of them to help keep my children healthy (she also stocks band-aids because I definitely won't buy them for my kids)!

Every time I take a kid to the Dr. I have to have this conversation:

Dr.: Has you child been running a fever?

Me: well yeah maybe!

Dr: How high has it been? Has it been persistent?

Me: well I don't know seems like when I touch their forehead it feels pretty warm but Tylenol or Ibuprofen seems to cool them down?

I can't tell you how many times I have had this conversation when I take a child to the Dr. - I know the Dr. is thinking "doesn't this idiot woman own a thermometer - you can buy them at Wal-Mart for $3!"

But how do you explain to the Dr. delicately that yes I do own a thermometer and quite frankly over the years we have owned quite a few but the places those thermometers have been is no place that you want to turn around and put in your child's mouth!!!!