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March 10, 2013

Am I a farmer?

I guess I don't know!

I have been called (and called myself) lots of things in my life (yes good & bad) but 'farmer'?  I know I have never allowed myself that title and honestly don't know that I have ever heard anyone else call me that either!

Since starting blogging and social media I have had to come up with a description of myself and almost always write:

"Farmers daughter, Farmers wife, Farm mom"

and I am proud of each one of those, as a matter of fact I am already planning for the day that I can change 'Farm mom' to 'Farmers Mom' if any of my kids choose to be the 7th generation to farm!

 And I of course also have the mandatory Mom/wife add-ons:

chief house keeper, head chef, chauffeur, farm hand, lackey, parts go getter, nurse maid . . . . . .


I wrote a blog post entitled "How Did I Get Here" once - I distinctly remember writing this post because it was fun - I talked about my childhood all the way up to current day - I say all the time that I LOVE MY LIFE and I do and writing that post made me realize I always have - I am blessed and I like the fact that I know it!

Anyway - the two hardest parts of a blog post for me are the beginning and the end - but this blog post was so easy and as I wrote (well typed) it just kind of fell out of my head thru my fingers and when I was finished and re-read it I absolutely fell in LOVE with the last sentence:

"I have lived every single day of my life in the midst of production agriculture."


It had just flowed, it came natural, I hadn't thought about it,  it came straight from my heart and I truly meant it!  When I was a kid my world depended on it and as an adult my world depends on it to support my family - that makes me proud and so many others are just like this as well and should be just as proud!
I just don't know if I deserve that title!


  1. Oh Jent I read that older post for the first time and I am so happy and proud of you and you are not even my daughter (not that I am old enough to be your Mom or anything:)). You have had a wonderful agricultural life from the beginning you are truly lucky.
    As for your question today YES you are you worked for it you earned it SO OWN it you are without a doubt a farmer.
    Hug B

  2. Jent, Miss B has a good point! I think your quote says it all "I have lived every single day of my life in the midst of production agriculture."

    Those of us on a similar production agriculture life get it. Maybe we all need to follow Miss B's suggestion ... we work, we have earned, and we need to own who we know we are.

    Great post!

  3. Totally agree with Buttons! This is a great post and you are a great farmer!!!!!

  4. You are totally a farmer!

  5. Hunny, if you're a Farm Wife and a Farm Mom, you might just be a Farmer. Also, I'm no expert, but if you've had a calf and a piglet live in your kitchen, you are SO a Farmer. A darn good one!!

  6. I think you're a farmer - I see you in a tractor seat just as often as anyone else, and I'm pretty sure you have a big say in what direction the farm is headed. Own it, girl!