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March 28, 2013

Observations From My Morning!

1. I have too many clothes and nothing to wear!!!!

2. I know that it is rightie tightie, leftie loosie - but no matter how long I think about it or how hard I try I can't screw anything on or off with my left hand!

3. I am beginning to think my kids are more organized than I am - I used to pretend it was because I was their "behind the scenes" staging person - do the laundry, cook their meals, help them find things, remind them about personal hygiene (yes I have to do that), insist they do their homework - but quite honestly I am not sure anymore!

4. I gave up 3 things for Lent and we are coming down to the wire and I am only shooting about 78.3% - not anywhere near the 100% Jesus gave for me - but that's a whole other blog post (my 78.3% and how I came about that figure because it is an actual calculated number)!

5. I wonder what people really mean when they say things to me like:

Your so funny!
Your too much!
  God Bless You!

Are they really trying to say "for the love of all that is good Jennifer get your act together have you always been this stupid and scatter brained?"

6. I am easily distracted - this blog post for example - while I have about a bazillion (yes I counted) post ideas - things like:

How I threatened several hundred people and was rewarded with 80 degree weather and pretty flowers-

or the one about what I gave up for Lent or the calf we pulled the other day or getting the equipment ready for planting or . . . 


  1. I can completely relate to this! ...especially number 1.

  2. I just love your blog :) I most definitely relate to your #1 and #3 and the easily distracted part. Hope your family has a Happy Easter!

  3. Totally discovered #1 when I went to pack for spring break! Curse you summer clothes for always shrinking during the winter months!