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June 28, 2013

It's a cuttin' day Mary Alice

I am literally sitting on the tailgate of my truck doing nothing but watching the combine harvest wheat, taking pictures of the combine harvesting wheat and blogging about the combine harvesting wheat-there are a million things I could be doing and another million I should be doing but THIS is what I want to do and for the next few hours this is what I will do!

I had someone ask me this morning what it is I love so much about wheat harvest and I couldn't put it into words-pretty sure I just gave her a blank stare and shrugged my shoulders but as I sit here I asked myself that question and am trying to put it into words-so here goes:

The Smell-the smell of wheat being harvested  or for that matter just wheat ripening is for me intoxicating-there is nothing like driving past a wheat field, taking a deep breath and just knowing that by the smell it is almost ready to harvest.  And the smell of the combine running thru the field-it isn't combine exhaust you smell but (I am sitting here with my eyes closed breathing deep trying to come up with the words) raw flour, earthy but reminds you of someone baking, all at the same time.

The Sight-The sky is so vivid blue in Indiana this time of year, but pure white cotton candy clouds and all around is a sea of green in all shades except for patches of shimmering gold waving in the breeze and a green combine in the middle of the gold (or red if you happen to swing that way ;) )

The Sounds-I love the sound of equipment working-this time of year there isn't a lot so to hear the combines in the fields even faintly from a distance is soothing to me.  The little squeks of baler chains chucking out straw bales-just sounds I don't always hear in the fall or spring because we are so busy-with our wheat harvest being so few acres it isn't as hurried as other times of the year!

All of it and more that I can't put into words-the idea that you put a seed in the ground in the fall it will start to grow than stop and then finish growing months later, that while everything around it is just getting started, taking root and growing it is done and ready to be harvested!  Not to mention the novelty of it to me-my whole life I have been surround by soybeans and corn, very little wheat!

I always say I don't like change but maybe deep inside I crave just a little!

June 26, 2013

I used to care . . .

. . . I really did - I swear!  But you know that saying 'pick your battles'?  I have just decided this isn't a battle worth picking!

4-H Paperwork

I'll be honest, it is dreaded in this house by child and adult alike!  It is always put off till the last minute! We are always having to drive all over town tracking down, stalking, begging our leaders for signatures as we are on our way to turn in the paperwork!  IT NEVER FAILS - NEVER!

The first year Casey was in 4-H I insisted she write her paperwork herself-neatly-starting over if she made a mistake-that might be the year she learned to cuss me - looking back that was unusual and cruel punishment - but I felt (at the time) it was a learning experience and by seeing that she (the child) wrote it the paperwork judges would have no doubt she did her own and that someone didn't just type it for her - yeah that failed - advice on the paperwork once returned to us:

"would look a lot neater if it were typed"

So over the years and adding 2 more kids to the 4-H paperwork I have relaxed on my standards - this year I am beginning to wonder if maybe too much!

I got a new iMac a couple of weeks ago that NO ONE was supposed to touch however thru persistent pestering and annoying whining when it came time for paperwork they convinced me that they should be allowed to use this computer and since it is still a whopping two weeks till the fair and they were interested in doing paperwork I gave in!  So at this point we are way ahead of our usual schedule but don't worry there is still time for us to screw something up and be back down to the wire as in years past! 

Like the time about 5 years ago Casey was on her way to turn in crops with Chris and of course at the last second came running into the house to get the paperwork - which had been typed, printed, retyped and reprinted so many times I got confused as to which was the actual final copy and had just pitched them all - so we had to dump the trash bag out on the porch sort through it till we found the right set - it really only had a couple of coffee grounds on it!!!!

For as disorganized as I am 4-H paperwork is always saved every year for every project for every kid - it just comes in handy (if you get my drift)!

I help with answers when asked but for the most part the kids are responsible for their own with little filtering from me!

Some of my favorite answers I have found on paperwork over the years:

5. How or what did you do to help another member or friend to learn more about pictures and photography this year?
Answer: Nothing - I took the picture I turned in the day before it was due and am doing the paperwork an hour before the project is due.

Which totally reminds me of the year my Photography project wasn't quite up to par- I can't remember how old I was at the time but it was back in day when film processing took a good week - there was no digital and def. no one hour developing and it was not just down to the wire it was flat out to late- so my Mom loaded the Polaroid One Step Instant camera with a new thing of film (exactly 10 pictures) sent my sister outside with me and told me not to come back in till I had 10 pictures - and make them work because she wasn't giving me any more film!!!!  Nothing says lack of time management and planning than 10 Instamatic pictures with the tell-tale white tab at the bottom screaming "YES I WAITED WAY TOO LONG!"  And as a mother now - I realize that she probably hounded reminded me more than once earlier in the summer to please start working on it!

5. How or what did you do to help another member or friend to learn more about pictures and photography this year?
Answer: I taught my Mom that she doesn't need to constantly be standing over my shoulder telling me how to take pictures that I want to learn on my own-even if I don't win!

The older Casey gets the more 'dramatic' her paperwork becomes:

5. How or what did you do to help another member or friend to learn more about pictures and photography this year?
Answer: I helped my sister create her photo, and edit it the way she wanted  I also helped my brother on his projects that involved pictures.  Not only did I get to get more experience in the photography field but I helped their projects as well.

WHAT?  Where was I when this was going on?????

6. What efforts did you make to learn about photography this year?
Answer:  I did some activities in the photography workbook.  I also took a lot of pictures with my Mom, who is a professional photographer  She helped me come up with good ideas to shoot pictures of.

When on earth did I become a 'professional' photographer??????

Tractor Driving:
1. What have you learned in the tractor project this year?
Answer: That I need to pay very close attention when operating equipment.

ummm HELLO pretty sure you should of already known that!

4. What could you have changed about your project to make it better?
Answer: I would weigh more and have longer legs!  I was unable to keep the tractor running with the safety switch located under the seat!

List below three things you learned while completing your project this year.
2. It makes my Mom very mad when the cows don't have water everyday!

List below three things you learned while completing your project this year.
3.  It is not always fun to feed but it has to be done!

List below three things you learned while completing your project this year.
A. if you work hard it pays off.
B. have fun in the show ring
C. cows are fun.

And yes this is the boys paperwork this year - it is incredibly messy, hand written and almost illegible but not a battle I will pick - it was hard enough to get him to actually come in the house and sit down long enough to fill it out I am not about to insist he do it again neatly - if it came down to neatly done paperwork vs. him sitting in front of the TV than yes I choose to pick that battle but to make him come in the house from working with his Dad, actually working with the calves or just riding 4-wheelers than we will be turning in messy paperwork!

June 24, 2013

Todays Tweets!

@plowwife: The inside of my truck smells like a dead mouse! #gross #wouldratherhaveitsmelllikehigshit

@plowwife: a hazy Indiana morning waiting on my AI guy! #sunshine #morning

@plowwife: Can't decide if I should be a productive member of society today or not!

@plowwife: Doesn't everyone snuggle with a pig on the front porch? #pigsofinstagram #shealsotrystoteachhimtricks

@plowwife: Bought this for the boy 3 days ago-it's gone! Between his garden and his sisters room trying to battle ants he has used it all! I said to Chris "could you please have the chemical talk with your son I covered sex, being racked, morning wiener issues and personal hygiene with him surly you can handle chemicals!!!" #idontknowifishouldcryorlaugh

Facebook full explanation:  

@plowwife: My girl is sitting next to me filling out a college application! #wheredoesthetimego #soproudofher #isu

@plowwife:This is my oldest! She is sitting here filling out an ISU college application. I am sitting here teasing her and laughing. Inside I am crying-what will I do without her? #isu

@plowwife: Hoof trimming today!

@plowwife: Hooficures -going on right now!

@plowwife: Contemplating studying the inside of my eyelids for a bit-either that or pressing the sheets!

@plowwife: Headed to spray fence rows! #timetogetherfarmerstyle #farmsmatter #farmwifelife

@plowwife: Riding on the fender of the 4430 headed to spray fence rows w/Chris! #lovethistractor #johndeere #jd #jd4430 

@plowwife: He has been waiting for 2 weeks for this package if pedal tractor parts to come-he has unpacked, taken inventory, admired and shown me every single part and then repacked it! I would imagine I won't see him at all tmw as he will be down at the shop all day working! #jd #johndeere #johndeerepedaltractor

June 22, 2013

25 Years!

That seems like a long time - but that is how long I have been out of high school!



Tonight is my reunion (prayers welcome) - I went to our 5 year I know-cause I remember fretting over what I was going to wear, what I looked like, reminding myself over and over of everything I had done since high school that was positive -which wasn't much honestly since I didn't finish college, had a million going no-where jobs, lived with my parents till I got married and so on -but I was married to an amazing guy who was (and still is) the best husband and farmer in the world  -yep he was the positive in my world and still is - OH and my kids!!! But to be honest I don't quite remember if I attended the 10 year or not!

But at the last minute this year I decided to go, and then not go, and then go, and then not go - anyway I ended up mailing the money - and you know once you actually fork out money for something there is no turning back - unless of course your farmer husband is busy spraying beans - which I asked him 45 times yesterday:

"So we probably aren't going to be able to go tmw. night because you will be working right?"

He just keeps assuring me that it is no problem he will be in and cleaned up in plenty of time (he was never good at taking a hint not to mention we dropped money on this shin dig and he will need to eat his share)!

So I am going!

I keep asking myself:

"Self - why are you so apprehensive?"

And I answer:

"Well Self I really have no idea - I enjoyed high school, I loved the kids (yes I still call them kids) I went to school with, I love my life now so what is wrong with visiting 'old times'?"

And I honestly can't put my finger on it - but it is just something different - and I like my world not to change too much-and yes as I type this I realize I am only going to a reunion for one evening not going back to high school or moving but this is my issue so let me have my moment - I consider this a 'change', a mixing of of 'parts' of my life - I even sound crazy to myself typing this- I like that my friends that I hang out with now know that if I am home and not working I like to put my PJ's on very early (pretty sure I should NOT wear my PJ's tonight); I sometimes claim to be a drinker but actually I am a wimpy one-I can go from happy & hyper to stomach ache & sleepy in two sips; that while I will attend Martini Night at The Indigo Duck for their birthday I am much more comfortable barefoot sitting around a fire pit (to which it doesn't matter whose fire pit or where I am I will take my shoes off); that while I own a few dress clothes to wear to church I LOVE my jeans and not that I was ever a fashionista I dress for comfort and practicality.  And then there are my #soulsisters/farmwife 'friends' inside my computer who totally feel my pain when I complain about #farmwifeprobs - they get me and of course YOU (my 3 devoted readers whom I cherish-totally not being sarcastic)!

But I am going and I will have fun because truly the people I went to school with (K-12 because they pretty much stayed the same all the way thru) are good people and I loved growing up with them!  I have no idea what I am supposed to wear tonight but what I am wearing is jeans and my favorite 'dressy' shirt (I did wash the jeans do I get any points for that?), my bracelets will have graphite on them because I wear them everyday, I will most likely forget to put on my wedding rings (but I swear I am married and to the guy I am taking) and the sandals I am wearing have no visible trace of manure on them (I am so giving myself points for this one!)! 

So be sure to tune into Twitter tonight for my thoughts and observations - while I am apprehensive truly the things that will be going thru my mind are:

Who is refereeing the kids at home?

Did they feed the calves?

I know they didn't spend enough time watching the cows for heat!

What kind of disaster will the kitchen be when I get home?

But after a couple of drinks I will be focused on my stomach ache and getting my PJ's on and won't care till morning!!!!

June 11, 2013

The Herd & Pasture

Our 'herd' and pasture consists of 6 cows and an awesome pasture we rent off a neighbor!

Last year I actually made a new friend in the middle of the pasture-this year I just took some pics with my phone!

June 9, 2013

It hit the fan. . .

. . .and boy it went everywhere!

I have always said:

I am a slob married to a slob and who gave birth to 3 slobs!

The house has been a pit for a while now and when it got deep enough to wade thru and I had asked 45 hundred times (yes I kept an accurate count) for the kids to please at least pick up their own items around the house and was completely ignored it started unraveling!

Over the next 24 hours that it unfolded it got uglier and uglier- it started in the kitchen-I got fed up with the continual pile of dirty dishes, trash that kids just refused to walk 3 feet to the trash can to throw away, chunks of 'mud' on the floor, what felt like every single pair of shoes/boots we own scattered all over the place, finding random clothing - it was just a pit and I reacted with posting this sign:

 Quite frankly the kids seemed unphased - of course they were still in bed!!!!

Then the living room came next - still a TV upstairs so once again unphased- they really didn't NEED this room for much!

I then cleaned in, around, under and on top of this corner of the kitchen with the comfy chair that everyone loves to sit in - I wrangled rouge gummies, threw away month old trash shoved down in the cushions and proceeded to post my sign!

Caught a kid without a helmet and posted this warning!

The next morning I cleaned my bathroom upstairs - and posted this!

After I posted this I was cleaning my room (already plotting my clever words for my sign in my head) when I hear someone downstairs in the entry room cleaning - I am smirking to myself, overly confident, pretty convinced I have won this battle so I kind of holler nonchalantly:
"Who is down there running the sweeper?"
Boy: It's me
Me: Thank You, thank you very much Cole - I am glad that you understand what I am frustrated about and that you are willing to put forth some effort into helping out around here - I really appreciate it!

Only to come downstairs 20 minutes later to find this taped in the doorway to that room:

It hit the fan!
I came unglued!
I jumped off the deep end!
I went overboard!
I completely wigged out!
It got ugly!

I spilled my crazy everywhere!

There were things said that shouldn't of been said (flying in all directions) - as by now the 5 of us are 'deeply caught up in our conversation' over my behavior the last few days - someone might of hurled the words 'personality disorder' in my direction while I volleyed back some insults that actually made the boy nervously burst out in laughter - OH and did I fail to mention earlier that my 15 year old nephew visiting from Colorado had a front row seat to this particular production of 'Crazy' - 
It ended with me joining my Mom, Sister and Grandma in Chili's for lunch where I downed a Long Island Iced Tea wearing sunglasses in the restaurant realizing that unfortunately for me several things had happened that didn't so much align my planets but brought them crashing into an emotional explosion-I tend to run on adrenaline so once the adrenaline passes and the 'task' is complete I crash, this time so many things culminated at once it was a very firey crash!  We finished planting, kids got out of school for the summer, we are cleaning my Grandma's house and I realized that this is the first time since Dad's funeral that we have all been together in Indiana-it all was just a little more than I could handle!

But at the end of the day all is well and the kids were so freaked out they cleaned the rest of the house - so maybe I should spill my crazy more often!!!

I am extremely lucky I am loved so much!

June 3, 2013


I joke often that I have ADD-but I sometimes wonder if my life doesn't require it!

Just last week:

Sunday-Thanks to my brother and SIL the kids and I got to attend the Indy 500! After the race I actually rode with Chris in the tractor for a few rounds (I do believe the cab of the tractor has gotten smaller as it felt a lot tighter than years ago together in that cab!)  We planted a few rows of sweet corn and topped the night off attending a high school graduation open house for a neighbor!  Oh and delivered some seed in my pajamas!

Is this not the cutest thing!

You can take a farm boy to the race but all he really wants to do is be at home helping his Dad plant corn!  

Monday-I took the girls shopping for summer clothes-I HATE SHOPPING-they found plenty but hard as I try I can't find pants/shorts to fit my thighs - hips - waist all at the same time and the tennis shoes I loved but didn't need far exceeded my budget so I settled for another pair of sunglasses which I needed like I need another hole in my head-but they are so cute!  I worked on my landscaping and flowers!  And I might have mowed the yard - I know I did one day I just can't remember which one!!!

Chris hates this but I love it!  It is a cast iron fireplace and I put it on my side porch!

Oh and I broke my finger watering flowers - I am talented like that!!!!

Tuesday- I spent a few hours in the morning helping my Mom at my Grandma's house, took lunch to Chris in the field, I contemplated sitting in a comfortable chair the rest of the day and eating animal crackers while playing Candy Crush, the boy showed me the pedal tractor he is restoring, I actually may have mowed the grass this day and not the day before and after several attempts to text Chris about what time supper should be ready I resorted to more drastic measures to get his attention!

Oddly enough the phone rang immediately!!!

Wednesday- I put on my favorite boots and ran the turbo till - and tweeted a lot!  Also went cruising with my oldest out to the other side of the county to catch Chris with the camera finishing up planting the last of our corn!

Thursday-As soon as I got the kids on the bus I was asked to go straight out to Union to start the Turbo Till and set up the Green Star - no time to get dressed - luckily my FIL beat me out there by 5 min. (which I didn't know till I was already out there - in my boots and pajamas) so I rode a few rounds with him and headed back home to get ready for the boy's promotion to 5th grade and awards - cleaned up and ready one more quick trip out to Union to take a planter lid and off to school awards!  Back home with just enough time to catch the delivery of my new computer but not enough time to play with it - back out to Union to Turbo Till!  I always carry my big girl camera with me and was actually able to get a few shots with something besides my phone!  Topped the night off with a supper date with Chris at 10pm at a picnic table outside of Rally's in Franklin-followed by a hunt for milk-home to house full of kids having  slumber party's to celebrate the last day of school!

Friday- I started working on 4 dozen cherry blossom cupcakes and a graduation cake for a family friend-I know it rained Thursday night so I know we didn't do any field work but quite honestly other than the cakes I can't remember what else I did - pretty sure I took a nap though!  We went out with good friends that evening and had a total blast!

Waffle fries and Lemon Drop Shots (that taste just like a lemon shake-up) got me in the mood for the fair!

Saturday-I have no idea - I know Cole washed his calf because he called me while I was in WalMart getting groceries to complain Otto kept whacking him in the head with his wet tail (I tried speaking to the calf over the phone and explaining that wasn't nice but it didn't work) so when I got home I found him just sitting on the hay bale shooting dirty looks at his calf!  We pulled CIDR's that evening and topped off the night at the Mexican restaurant for supper!

Life doesn't get much better!