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June 22, 2013

25 Years!

That seems like a long time - but that is how long I have been out of high school!



Tonight is my reunion (prayers welcome) - I went to our 5 year I know-cause I remember fretting over what I was going to wear, what I looked like, reminding myself over and over of everything I had done since high school that was positive -which wasn't much honestly since I didn't finish college, had a million going no-where jobs, lived with my parents till I got married and so on -but I was married to an amazing guy who was (and still is) the best husband and farmer in the world  -yep he was the positive in my world and still is - OH and my kids!!! But to be honest I don't quite remember if I attended the 10 year or not!

But at the last minute this year I decided to go, and then not go, and then go, and then not go - anyway I ended up mailing the money - and you know once you actually fork out money for something there is no turning back - unless of course your farmer husband is busy spraying beans - which I asked him 45 times yesterday:

"So we probably aren't going to be able to go tmw. night because you will be working right?"

He just keeps assuring me that it is no problem he will be in and cleaned up in plenty of time (he was never good at taking a hint not to mention we dropped money on this shin dig and he will need to eat his share)!

So I am going!

I keep asking myself:

"Self - why are you so apprehensive?"

And I answer:

"Well Self I really have no idea - I enjoyed high school, I loved the kids (yes I still call them kids) I went to school with, I love my life now so what is wrong with visiting 'old times'?"

And I honestly can't put my finger on it - but it is just something different - and I like my world not to change too much-and yes as I type this I realize I am only going to a reunion for one evening not going back to high school or moving but this is my issue so let me have my moment - I consider this a 'change', a mixing of of 'parts' of my life - I even sound crazy to myself typing this- I like that my friends that I hang out with now know that if I am home and not working I like to put my PJ's on very early (pretty sure I should NOT wear my PJ's tonight); I sometimes claim to be a drinker but actually I am a wimpy one-I can go from happy & hyper to stomach ache & sleepy in two sips; that while I will attend Martini Night at The Indigo Duck for their birthday I am much more comfortable barefoot sitting around a fire pit (to which it doesn't matter whose fire pit or where I am I will take my shoes off); that while I own a few dress clothes to wear to church I LOVE my jeans and not that I was ever a fashionista I dress for comfort and practicality.  And then there are my #soulsisters/farmwife 'friends' inside my computer who totally feel my pain when I complain about #farmwifeprobs - they get me and of course YOU (my 3 devoted readers whom I cherish-totally not being sarcastic)!

But I am going and I will have fun because truly the people I went to school with (K-12 because they pretty much stayed the same all the way thru) are good people and I loved growing up with them!  I have no idea what I am supposed to wear tonight but what I am wearing is jeans and my favorite 'dressy' shirt (I did wash the jeans do I get any points for that?), my bracelets will have graphite on them because I wear them everyday, I will most likely forget to put on my wedding rings (but I swear I am married and to the guy I am taking) and the sandals I am wearing have no visible trace of manure on them (I am so giving myself points for this one!)! 

So be sure to tune into Twitter tonight for my thoughts and observations - while I am apprehensive truly the things that will be going thru my mind are:

Who is refereeing the kids at home?

Did they feed the calves?

I know they didn't spend enough time watching the cows for heat!

What kind of disaster will the kitchen be when I get home?

But after a couple of drinks I will be focused on my stomach ache and getting my PJ's on and won't care till morning!!!!


  1. Time has a way of passing whether we realize or not. My 40th will be in 2 yrs, I have went to the 5th and 30th, the 5th was in a hall in the evening after a picnic early in the day where we could take our kids. We had a nice catered dinner, the typical awards and dancing. the 30th was last minute kind of, in a farmer friend's pole barn, we a chipped in for bbq and brought a dish to pass and our own 'adult beverage'. It was great, wish he would have hosted the 35th but he was worried about the liability. Looking forward to my 40th. the older I get the less I care about what others think. Pam

  2. oh, I can't wait to hear about it and see some pics??

  3. Twitter is on and waiting!!! LOL

  4. Oh Jent I attended my 40 and felt the same way but was so surprised when I had a ball it was so much fun. My Hero did not make it farm stuff at calving time who knew that would happen so I went by myself because we paid good money I went with my old friend and it was incredible. Explaining where My Hero was was interesting they thought we were divorced:) NO WAY I laughed once a farmer has a job to do they stay till the end and always get that job done:)You will not have that because your farmer will be on your arm or holding you up or something. I do hope you are having fun. Don't worry the kids and calves and pigs and house will be fine just like you will be. My this is a long comment. HUG :) B