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June 28, 2013

It's a cuttin' day Mary Alice

I am literally sitting on the tailgate of my truck doing nothing but watching the combine harvest wheat, taking pictures of the combine harvesting wheat and blogging about the combine harvesting wheat-there are a million things I could be doing and another million I should be doing but THIS is what I want to do and for the next few hours this is what I will do!

I had someone ask me this morning what it is I love so much about wheat harvest and I couldn't put it into words-pretty sure I just gave her a blank stare and shrugged my shoulders but as I sit here I asked myself that question and am trying to put it into words-so here goes:

The Smell-the smell of wheat being harvested  or for that matter just wheat ripening is for me intoxicating-there is nothing like driving past a wheat field, taking a deep breath and just knowing that by the smell it is almost ready to harvest.  And the smell of the combine running thru the field-it isn't combine exhaust you smell but (I am sitting here with my eyes closed breathing deep trying to come up with the words) raw flour, earthy but reminds you of someone baking, all at the same time.

The Sight-The sky is so vivid blue in Indiana this time of year, but pure white cotton candy clouds and all around is a sea of green in all shades except for patches of shimmering gold waving in the breeze and a green combine in the middle of the gold (or red if you happen to swing that way ;) )

The Sounds-I love the sound of equipment working-this time of year there isn't a lot so to hear the combines in the fields even faintly from a distance is soothing to me.  The little squeks of baler chains chucking out straw bales-just sounds I don't always hear in the fall or spring because we are so busy-with our wheat harvest being so few acres it isn't as hurried as other times of the year!

All of it and more that I can't put into words-the idea that you put a seed in the ground in the fall it will start to grow than stop and then finish growing months later, that while everything around it is just getting started, taking root and growing it is done and ready to be harvested!  Not to mention the novelty of it to me-my whole life I have been surround by soybeans and corn, very little wheat!

I always say I don't like change but maybe deep inside I crave just a little!


  1. From an old farm wife to a young farm wife...I totally get it! Hope it is a fun day and not one of those "other" days that happen so often.

  2. You're digging deep with that movie quote as the title of your post! We've never met anyone who has hear of--let alone seen--Race Against the Harvest! My husband always calls me when he's about to start cutting wheat and says, "It's a cutting day, Mary Alice." Enjoy harvest! We're still a little more than a month away up here.

  3. Oh I love the smell, the sounds and the sights I could sit on a tailgate all day long and watch it:)
    We have yet to harvest any hay or anything because it keeps raining I am not going to complain because last year we were done haying and we ran out of hay. There is lots of hay this year and it will stop raining eventually ....right?
    Be safe. Hug B

  4. I know what you are saying. We combined wheat and got half of the straw up and in the barn. I got to drive the straw trailer. We may have to rake the rest of the straw if we bale it going to be wet. You all stay safe