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June 9, 2013

It hit the fan. . .

. . .and boy it went everywhere!

I have always said:

I am a slob married to a slob and who gave birth to 3 slobs!

The house has been a pit for a while now and when it got deep enough to wade thru and I had asked 45 hundred times (yes I kept an accurate count) for the kids to please at least pick up their own items around the house and was completely ignored it started unraveling!

Over the next 24 hours that it unfolded it got uglier and uglier- it started in the kitchen-I got fed up with the continual pile of dirty dishes, trash that kids just refused to walk 3 feet to the trash can to throw away, chunks of 'mud' on the floor, what felt like every single pair of shoes/boots we own scattered all over the place, finding random clothing - it was just a pit and I reacted with posting this sign:

 Quite frankly the kids seemed unphased - of course they were still in bed!!!!

Then the living room came next - still a TV upstairs so once again unphased- they really didn't NEED this room for much!

I then cleaned in, around, under and on top of this corner of the kitchen with the comfy chair that everyone loves to sit in - I wrangled rouge gummies, threw away month old trash shoved down in the cushions and proceeded to post my sign!

Caught a kid without a helmet and posted this warning!

The next morning I cleaned my bathroom upstairs - and posted this!

After I posted this I was cleaning my room (already plotting my clever words for my sign in my head) when I hear someone downstairs in the entry room cleaning - I am smirking to myself, overly confident, pretty convinced I have won this battle so I kind of holler nonchalantly:
"Who is down there running the sweeper?"
Boy: It's me
Me: Thank You, thank you very much Cole - I am glad that you understand what I am frustrated about and that you are willing to put forth some effort into helping out around here - I really appreciate it!

Only to come downstairs 20 minutes later to find this taped in the doorway to that room:

It hit the fan!
I came unglued!
I jumped off the deep end!
I went overboard!
I completely wigged out!
It got ugly!

I spilled my crazy everywhere!

There were things said that shouldn't of been said (flying in all directions) - as by now the 5 of us are 'deeply caught up in our conversation' over my behavior the last few days - someone might of hurled the words 'personality disorder' in my direction while I volleyed back some insults that actually made the boy nervously burst out in laughter - OH and did I fail to mention earlier that my 15 year old nephew visiting from Colorado had a front row seat to this particular production of 'Crazy' - 
It ended with me joining my Mom, Sister and Grandma in Chili's for lunch where I downed a Long Island Iced Tea wearing sunglasses in the restaurant realizing that unfortunately for me several things had happened that didn't so much align my planets but brought them crashing into an emotional explosion-I tend to run on adrenaline so once the adrenaline passes and the 'task' is complete I crash, this time so many things culminated at once it was a very firey crash!  We finished planting, kids got out of school for the summer, we are cleaning my Grandma's house and I realized that this is the first time since Dad's funeral that we have all been together in Indiana-it all was just a little more than I could handle!

But at the end of the day all is well and the kids were so freaked out they cleaned the rest of the house - so maybe I should spill my crazy more often!!!

I am extremely lucky I am loved so much!


  1. Love the "spill my crazy" phrase...I heard Miranda Lambert singing in my head.

  2. We all need to spill our crazy every once in a while!

  3. We all need to spill our crazy every once in a while!

  4. I would have LOST IT with that note. Glad things are back on track for you and your family!

  5. Y'know what?? Every once in awhile, we need to just let it all out. Props to your mom for knowing just what you needed when you needed it. Glad everything is back on course for you guys.

  6. Welcome to being human. I think sometimes farming moms hit the fan harder because we have so many other things we want to (and can't) control besides unruly kids. Critters, corn and machinery don't behave the way we want them to behave either, and it really piles up!

  7. HUGS my friend we have all been there at one time or another.Farming has challenges some will not understand. HUGS my friend. B

  8. I am so thankful to know that there is another mom out there that totally freak out when the kids trash everything you have worked so hard on! You are just normal! My hope is that someday when my kids grow up and have their own homes they will come to me and finally thank me for all my hard work (then I woke up HA! HA!) Thanks for your post stay strong!!