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June 3, 2013


I joke often that I have ADD-but I sometimes wonder if my life doesn't require it!

Just last week:

Sunday-Thanks to my brother and SIL the kids and I got to attend the Indy 500! After the race I actually rode with Chris in the tractor for a few rounds (I do believe the cab of the tractor has gotten smaller as it felt a lot tighter than years ago together in that cab!)  We planted a few rows of sweet corn and topped the night off attending a high school graduation open house for a neighbor!  Oh and delivered some seed in my pajamas!

Is this not the cutest thing!

You can take a farm boy to the race but all he really wants to do is be at home helping his Dad plant corn!  

Monday-I took the girls shopping for summer clothes-I HATE SHOPPING-they found plenty but hard as I try I can't find pants/shorts to fit my thighs - hips - waist all at the same time and the tennis shoes I loved but didn't need far exceeded my budget so I settled for another pair of sunglasses which I needed like I need another hole in my head-but they are so cute!  I worked on my landscaping and flowers!  And I might have mowed the yard - I know I did one day I just can't remember which one!!!

Chris hates this but I love it!  It is a cast iron fireplace and I put it on my side porch!

Oh and I broke my finger watering flowers - I am talented like that!!!!

Tuesday- I spent a few hours in the morning helping my Mom at my Grandma's house, took lunch to Chris in the field, I contemplated sitting in a comfortable chair the rest of the day and eating animal crackers while playing Candy Crush, the boy showed me the pedal tractor he is restoring, I actually may have mowed the grass this day and not the day before and after several attempts to text Chris about what time supper should be ready I resorted to more drastic measures to get his attention!

Oddly enough the phone rang immediately!!!

Wednesday- I put on my favorite boots and ran the turbo till - and tweeted a lot!  Also went cruising with my oldest out to the other side of the county to catch Chris with the camera finishing up planting the last of our corn!

Thursday-As soon as I got the kids on the bus I was asked to go straight out to Union to start the Turbo Till and set up the Green Star - no time to get dressed - luckily my FIL beat me out there by 5 min. (which I didn't know till I was already out there - in my boots and pajamas) so I rode a few rounds with him and headed back home to get ready for the boy's promotion to 5th grade and awards - cleaned up and ready one more quick trip out to Union to take a planter lid and off to school awards!  Back home with just enough time to catch the delivery of my new computer but not enough time to play with it - back out to Union to Turbo Till!  I always carry my big girl camera with me and was actually able to get a few shots with something besides my phone!  Topped the night off with a supper date with Chris at 10pm at a picnic table outside of Rally's in Franklin-followed by a hunt for milk-home to house full of kids having  slumber party's to celebrate the last day of school!

Friday- I started working on 4 dozen cherry blossom cupcakes and a graduation cake for a family friend-I know it rained Thursday night so I know we didn't do any field work but quite honestly other than the cakes I can't remember what else I did - pretty sure I took a nap though!  We went out with good friends that evening and had a total blast!

Waffle fries and Lemon Drop Shots (that taste just like a lemon shake-up) got me in the mood for the fair!

Saturday-I have no idea - I know Cole washed his calf because he called me while I was in WalMart getting groceries to complain Otto kept whacking him in the head with his wet tail (I tried speaking to the calf over the phone and explaining that wasn't nice but it didn't work) so when I got home I found him just sitting on the hay bale shooting dirty looks at his calf!  We pulled CIDR's that evening and topped off the night at the Mexican restaurant for supper!

Life doesn't get much better!


  1. Oh my dear Jent "Been there done that" and it is so true life doesn't get any better than this. The incredible love and support, love of what we do and working together with your family is the best. Busy is good..... lucky girl crazy busy girl filled with fun and love is the best. You are awesome and your family is so lucky to have you and you them. Be safe OK Hug B