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June 24, 2013

Todays Tweets!

@plowwife: The inside of my truck smells like a dead mouse! #gross #wouldratherhaveitsmelllikehigshit

@plowwife: a hazy Indiana morning waiting on my AI guy! #sunshine #morning

@plowwife: Can't decide if I should be a productive member of society today or not!

@plowwife: Doesn't everyone snuggle with a pig on the front porch? #pigsofinstagram #shealsotrystoteachhimtricks

@plowwife: Bought this for the boy 3 days ago-it's gone! Between his garden and his sisters room trying to battle ants he has used it all! I said to Chris "could you please have the chemical talk with your son I covered sex, being racked, morning wiener issues and personal hygiene with him surly you can handle chemicals!!!" #idontknowifishouldcryorlaugh

Facebook full explanation:  

@plowwife: My girl is sitting next to me filling out a college application! #wheredoesthetimego #soproudofher #isu

@plowwife:This is my oldest! She is sitting here filling out an ISU college application. I am sitting here teasing her and laughing. Inside I am crying-what will I do without her? #isu

@plowwife: Hoof trimming today!

@plowwife: Hooficures -going on right now!

@plowwife: Contemplating studying the inside of my eyelids for a bit-either that or pressing the sheets!

@plowwife: Headed to spray fence rows! #timetogetherfarmerstyle #farmsmatter #farmwifelife

@plowwife: Riding on the fender of the 4430 headed to spray fence rows w/Chris! #lovethistractor #johndeere #jd #jd4430 

@plowwife: He has been waiting for 2 weeks for this package if pedal tractor parts to come-he has unpacked, taken inventory, admired and shown me every single part and then repacked it! I would imagine I won't see him at all tmw as he will be down at the shop all day working! #jd #johndeere #johndeerepedaltractor

1 comment :

  1. I'm such a bad FB-er and Tweeter these days.
    Love the box full of tractor part goodies. :)