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July 23, 2013

From The Fields 6/28/13

A couple of months ago I was asked by Indiana Agri-News if I would be interested in being a 'From The Fields' reporter (I don't know if they actually call me a 'reporter' but I am going with that cause it makes me sound really cool!) - anyway I of course gave the idea no fore thought and said "Sign me up!"-cause that's just the way I roll!

So my original thought was this would be a great opportunity for me to post regularly on my blog - I would send my 'article' on Sunday evenings than once the paper was published I would post it along with some pictures from the week the following Sunday here!  Well.......

So I am going to start at the beginning -post what has already come out to get myself caught up!

June 28, 2013

Hi Jennifer Campbell here from Johnson County, Indiana.  My husband and I farm along with his parents and our 3 kids.  We raise corn, soybeans, wheat and have a farrow to finish hog operation. We also have a 'herd' of 4-H cows/calves-no need for ear tag numbers we know them each by name!

Knee high by the fourth of July - that has always been one of my favorite sayings but with the way corn grows now a days it seems to be out-dated but driving down the road with the kids the other day one of them said that and it occurred to me this might be the year to get some use out of this saying; but the last 2 weeks it seems like you can almost hear the corn growing around here!   There has been a lot of side-dressing being done and a whole lot of corn spraying.  Now that corn work is getting caught up bean spraying has started as well!

I heard someone say the other day we seem to be about 3 weeks behind normal -my question is 'what is normal any more?'.  The soybeans don't seem to be growing as fast as the corn but I think with a few of those Indiana sunny, humid, hot days they will really take off.  There was a little bit of replanting soybeans, mostly spotting in.  Some rain, more than an tenth of an inch at a time would be helpful but definitely no drenching down pour floods-if we get to choose!

I am sure a lot of family's in Johnson County are getting ready for the fair which is a little less than a month away, wish my kids would join them, as usual we are pushing getting projects done down to the wire!

Looking forward to wheat harvest here in Central Indiana-from what I have heard most people are looking at 10 days to 2 weeks till the wheat is ready.  I don't really have any statistics but driving around there seems to be quite a bit more wheat than the last few years.  I can't wait to see the combines moving thru the fields followed by balers chucking out bales of fresh golden straw!

Looking forward to the opportunity and excuse to drive around Johnson and surrounding county's to see what is going on, watch the crops grow and give my view on an industry that I love.

I got so excited when the paper arrived in the mail I had to Instagram it:

Yeah I might be grinning like an idiot-From The Fields in today's Indiana AgriNews!
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  1. Cool! I love reading this column in the Illinois Farm Bureau Weekly Ag News!!!

  2. Oh I am so proud of you what a fantastic article. You are a true farm writer. I love it. Congrats. Hug B