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July 29, 2013

Sunday Farming With The Boy

So Chris decided the garage needed cleaned out this weekend- he decided that on Saturday, I decided that the porch swing was really calling my name and I needed to see to it much more than to the cleaning of the garage- but by Sunday afternoon while Chris had retired to his office to work the boy was out in the garage cleaning away and there was a few things he needed my help with!  I had built an arbor out of old doors for my Mom and really needed to take it over to her house- especially since it had been taking up space in our garage for almost a year- so the boy and I loaded it up and took it over there!  Once unloaded we decided to grab a couple of root beers from her fridge and go for a little Sunday drive!

And off we go!

First stop - he wanted to look at my brothers tomatoes!  He helped set a couple of days!

We stopped to check on the progress of a hog barn we are renting!  It is all cleaned up and the new feeders installed!  We will be moving hogs in this week!

We walked thru the pasture to check the cows and calves - or more so let the calves check us!

He wanted to check on the double crop beans he planted all by himself!

This is the first field of corn we planted - he pulled an ear off an end row plant and was impressed to find it was 18 round by 50 long!


He said to me last night just before bed - "Mom can we go on another drive next Sunday?"

I do love this boy!


  1. That was a very neat post. You and your son must have had a really great time.

  2. Great way to spend a Sunday