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August 3, 2013

Freezing Sweetcorn!

So the boy decided to grow sweetcorn this year, which is something we don't normally mess around with since we have so many friends that grow it and it is readily available at little stands - but the boy wanted to give a garden and sweetcorn a shot this year so we did!

We planted it right beside the yard in the field when we planted the field corn this spring - we had some extra units for the planter so we took off 4 with field corn in them put new boxes on with sweet corn in them and planted it at the same time Chris was doing the end rows on the field - it worked out really well!

So now it is ready, he is selling some and actually allowing me to have some to freeze for this winter!

I know there are probably a million ways and a million different recipes people use to freeze corn- this is just the way my family has always done it and the recipe we use!  I, quite honestly am posting this so that I know where to find it from now on - I spent the better part of an hour pawing thru the junk/recipe/random crap drawer as well as the my recipe stash looking for it this morning-once posted I will just have to Google my own blog to find it from now on!

This is where I finally located it at!

And here it is!

The first thing you need is a highly skilled team of shuckers and cleaners or if you don't have those you can just do what I do - and make your kids do it!

After having this conversation with the boy this morning:

Boy: I will go pick A BUNCH of corn!
Me: You also need to get a water trough out of the barn clean it up and fill it with cold water!

A little bit later

Boy: Done and hose is filling trough, I got it pretty clean only a little bit of cow crap left!
Me: ummm a little bit
Boy: why did you not want any?
Me: well none would be good I really like my corn with no cow crap in it!!!

FYI I made him go back out and scrub it with soap and bleach!

This was always our job when we were kids and my Dad was a stickler about us getting every silk off-our hands would be freezing from the hose water and so prunie, I thought it was torture-what I wouldn't give to go back and that be my only job instead of now as the Mom-cutting it off the cob, cooking it, cooling it, bagging it and cleaning up the sweet sugary sticky mess that it makes!

So after it is shucked and cleaned I cut it off the cob!

Then I just follow the measurements in the recipe!

Once the corn, sugar, salt and water are combined bring it to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes!

After that put the pan of corn down in a cold water bath to cool it down and then bag it up and pop it in the freezer!

Now what makes it REALLY REALLY delicious in the middle of the winter when you pull it out of the freezer is the amount of butter you add to it - -  A LOT!

So you just pull a bag out-you can either let it thaw or if your like me and wait till the last minute -just cut the ziploc bag away from the frozen hunk of corn, pop it in a pan on low, cook it till it is warmed thru and then stir in a big ol' hunk of butter and by big ol' hunk I mean like a half a stick or maybe a whole stick


  1. From now on when we have family dinners we will be expecting you to bring a BIG pan of sweet corn. You will know that your efforts are appreciated each time someone says, "Is there any more corn?" ...which will be often during that meal.

  2. Can I cut the recipe down?? And by down I mean down to a fourth ? It is only my husband and I , and we can't eat that much at one time.

  3. This is the same way we put up freezer corn. When I cut it off the cob I use an electric knife and put the cob on teh top of a bundt pan and it falls into the pan.