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September 24, 2013

A Great Representation of The Farmers Wife of 2013?

Is there such a thing?

I had a reporter call me yesterday as I was running the grain cart unloading on the go with my FIL giving me instructions over the 2-way-yes I ended up in the wrong place!  She wanted to ask me a few questions and then do a follow-up ride along one day next week - A Day In The Life Of A Farmwife!

I answered her preliminary questions - with complete honesty - to which she responded she enjoyed my candor - I wanted to say 'Lady you have no idea how candid I really am' - BUT I didn't Mom -don't worry I was polite!!!!

She asked what a typical day for me involved - amidst snickering I told her there was no such thing as a typical day, other than getting the kids up and off to school I never know what I will be doing!  She then asked if what I did was weather dependent......ummmmmm YES!!  She said "so if we did a ride along say next week what would you be doing?" -well I don't know- "have you finished your canning?"-I believe this is where the conversation took a left turn for me-I quite honestly sat dumbfounded for a second trying to get a handle on what exactly I wanted to say-I will be honest my mouth works A LOT faster than my brain but I said something to the jist of:

"whoa I don't can-I am not opposed to canning-I just don't do it-home grown vegetables are good, homegrown canned vegetables in the winter taste awesome but I spend everyday helping to produce food for the US food system-I trust it wholeheartedly and knowing I can buy good quality food at the grocery store I personally choose not to spend my time canning-I buy my food at the grocery store-I do work in the hog barns, help with the cattle and drive tractors but I also love to cook and bake but I don't wear an apron and my house is ALWAYS a disaster and the laundry is never done"

Probably more than she wanted to hear or know about me but I wondered if there wasn't a stereo typical image she was looking for-I don't want to be stereo typical.

I told her I would talk it over with Chris and the kids and get back with her-she asked for my email address to send me her number and we hung up.

Her follow-up email was short and polite but this sentence bothered me for 2 reasons:

'I think it would be a great story and you'd be a great representation of the farmer's wife of 2013. LOL'

1. why is this funny?
B "representation of the farmer's wife of 2013"

One has way too much time to think in the cab of a tractor and I spent the next several hours pondering that phrase:

"representation of the farmer's wife of 2013"

The word 'representation' bothered me- the first thing that came to mind was -typical-well quite honestly I don't want to be a typical anything-I just want to be me-so I Googled it:

 Then I got really scared-'the act of speaking or acting on behalf of someone'-I can barely speak and act respectably on behalf of myself and I am almost 100% positive the farmwives I know have no desire for me to be their poster child!  

I come from generations of farmwives and know hundreds more-no two are alike-I do what I do because I love it and because I am lucky enough to be able to!  Some farmwives work on the farm, some off the farm, full time, part time, some may not work at all!

So after hours of pondering, over analyzing and one last conversation with Chris that ended with him saying:

"I don't want you to-I just don't want people opening up the paper and saying 'damn there is Jennifer Campbell again', they are gonna get sick of seeing your face-not that I am because I love you!  But you do whatever you want!"

I think my answer will be no!


  1. I love you and this post. And for the record I think you are a great representation of agriculture.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey Jent.....
    Last comment deleted because i am juggling this reading your post and balancing the farm books and getting dressed to go take care of the cows so spelling had some weird lookin' words:) Thank goodness for delete and cut and paste :)
    Oh Jent you are truly awesome and I would read it because you are truly one of us modernday farmwomen. People have no idea what that truly means now we are not in the kitchen cooking for our farm hands we are the farmhands and still the sometimes canner cooker baker laundry doer etc etc. We have to do it all. I admire you so much more than you know.
    That being said yup being a celebrity is hard I hear you go crazy and the stress is very hard with all the pressure.. Not like real farming at all:)
    You would do great if you did this you truly are the best. You are the real deal my friend. HUGS B

  4. I love this post. I think you would represent us well. Not because we all do things the exact same way on the farm but you have integrity and a work ethic like most farm women that I know!