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September 11, 2013


Thanks to Gooseberry Patch and this cute little book full of Freezer Friendly Recipes I had the best day cooking and hanging with my girls AND my freezer has 10 ready to go meals in it for busy harvest nights!  OK technically only 9 as the first thing we did was eat Megan's Sunrise Cinnamon Loaves!

I honestly spent a ridiculous amount of time reading, re-reading, analyzing, making my family read and choosing a recipe - I actually let everyone else choose first so that I had less choices - then I narrowed it down and finally (2 days before the big cooking day-which is way ahead of schedule for me) I picked 'Lisa's Chicken Tortilla Soup' and headed to GFS for all my goodies!

I have never shopped in bulk to cook in bulk - I won't lie I actually had to read labels and do math - it was scary and I actually had to call Chris while in GFS to have him double check me-because really nobody wants to many re-fried beans, that kind of thing just isn't pretty!

Lisa's Chicken Tortilla Soup

4  14.5oz. cans chicken broth
4  10oz. cans dices tomatoes with chilies
1 cup canned or frozen corn
1  30oz. can refried beans
5 cups cooked chicken, shredded

In a large stockpot over medium heat, combine broth and tomatoes with with chilies.  Stir in corn and beans; bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring frequently.  Add chicken and heat through.  To serve, garnish as desired.

Freeze & Serve Instructions: Cool; do not garnish.  Ladle into freezer container and freeze.  Thaw overnight in refrigerator.  Ina saucepan, simmer over medium heat until hot and bubbly.  Garnish as desired.

Couple of things I did:
1. I used chicken base instead of stock -all the flavoring in already in the soup and when I cook it I will just add the extra water - basically I made a condensed soup!

B. To freeze I left the chicken out and froze separately  - I think chicken sometimes gets 'wonky' or a different texture when it sits in liquid too long!

I have no yummy looking picture of my soup because as hard as it is to not give in, all the food is still in my freezer-I am normally all about instant gratification but I am practicing great restraint knowing that once we get in the field I will be thankful one evening at 10pm when we finally come in that in less than 10 minutes I can have a hot pan of soup on the stove to feed 5 grumpy and tired people!


  1. Your soup is thawing in my fridge as I type this! Cannot wait!

    And thanks for keeping the chicken non-wonky ;)

  2. I have to admit that I was disappointed that my sister decided to keep all the meals, including yours. However, I will be over to visit the baby at supper time this fall! :)

  3. TO clarify, each container of frozen soup, you add 2 cups of water and the baggie has 5 cups of chicken? is that correct? the baggie doesn't look like 5 cups to me.