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October 30, 2013

"Grab your fuzzy hat"

Do you remember these?

I do- my Grandmother Eck had one she wore when she worked in the yard-usually accompanied by one of my Grandfathers seed jackets if it was chilly!  These hats make me giggle but now I want one-I found one on Ebay and told Chris that is what I wanted for Christmas!

So Friday while I am out in the middle of a cornfield standing over 8 kids in a soil pit discussing sandy textures my phone rings - I pull it out of my pocket see that it is Chris, answer and have the following conversation:

Me: Hello

Chris: What'cha doin?

Me: Freezing and judging soils-you?

Chris: Sitting in line at ADM?

Me: Oh OK, having a good day?

Chris: it's alright - but the reason I called is to tell you there is an old couple up here that reminds me of us- They're in an old straight truck, they must be at least 85 years old, but she has taken the time to ride to the elevator with him. She is wearing a puffy seed corn jacket from the 70's, and a knitted sock hat with a ball on top, probably from a seed company as well. They're just spending time together in line.

Me: Really, that is so sweet.

Chris: OK I'll talk to ya later - I love you!

This is truly one of the sweetest things Chris has ever said to me-it truly touched my heart and made me all warm inside-he is not a sappy guy-most of the time he says to me "I didn't get the script Jent, I didn't know I was supposed to say that" - so for him to call me and tell me this -as well as notice it and make a connection like this without me pointing out how awesome it would if he thought that- is a feat all it's own!

I am sure that she was busy-she might of been helping him harvest, in the kitchen cooking lunch, doing bookwork-it didn't matter -what ever she was doing when he said to her "Grab your fuzzy hat, ride with me to ADM and I might even buy you lunch at Edwards Drive-In" -she stopped what she was doing, put on her hat and knew what was really important!  This is the hat that immediately came to mind, it was what I had her pictured wearing while sitting there in that straight truck waiting to dump, just enjoying the moment.

I remember being in the hospital when Dad was sick and talking with my Mom-we talked about a lot of things that last 24 hours but one thing that truly sticks in my head was when she said how she was so glad after she retired that she had taken time to ride with Dad-to go get parts, haul a load of tomatoes - anything it didn't matter what they did she was just grateful that she had stopped whatever she was doing at the time and had gone with him when he called-I won't ever wear this hat but I want to hang it by the back door as a reminder of this conversation with Chris and that while everyday chores are important (although looking around my house you might think I don't know this) it's just as important to be able to look back with no regrets.


  1. You will never regret time spent with your loved ones!! Love you lots, mom

  2. Oh Jent this is the secret of life. Your Mom was right. Hope you get your hat; HUG HUG B

  3. Fun story! :)

    My husband's family use to run a feed mill just north of Rochester on 25. Snipes Mobile Feed and Grain. We have a bunch of hats similar to the above from the mill. I think instead of a ball, they have flaps! They're green.

    Might have to send one your way :)