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November 2, 2013

Day 1-FFA

Go figure is November 2 and I am already behind on this project!

Hello my name is Jennifer Campbell-I procrastinate, I work best on a last minute adrenaline rush and can always formulate an excellant excuse as to why I am always on the verge of lateness!

I have no plan for this series (welcome to my life), I have given it a lot of thought, discussed it with Chris and thought about ditching it because it just wasn't flowing for me - But just like my very first blog post says:

And so just like everything else in my life I will jump in head first, full of enthusiasm and figure out the logistics of it later!!!!

So here we go:

30 Days of Agriculture In My Life

{Link will take you to other much better blogs participating in this}

I have said before and will say again:

so as oppossed to writing about a single educational topic that would enlighten you and make you smarter this will be just 30 days of how we (like most farmers) live and breath our jobs/lifestyle 24/7/365!

We will kick this party off in true Jennifer fashion with my first excuse for being late that of course involved agriculture:

I was planning on heading down to Louisville on my own Friday to visit with truly one of my best friends from Nebraska who I met on Twitter (yes I am addicted to Social Media) who was attending Convention as a chaperone for her kids FFA Chapter-but I received a phone call late Wednesday evening asking if I could come down Thursday morning to help chaperone our chapter and stay Thursday night-I very seldom tell people no!  So some quick rearranging of what I had planned for Thursday and at 10am the next morning I set out for Louisville.  The next 24 hours would consist of almost drowning being surrounded by well over 50,000 blue corduroy jackets, rain & wind, a harrowing trip to Lexington (where our hotel was) in the dark, 12 hours with no electricity, 3 fire alarm evacuations, no shower (which in and of itself is traumatizing for me) and a mass (grab what you own we are never coming back to this hotel) exodus!  Friday I spent a few hours walking around the trade show with my oldest who was bound and determined to make herself and her desire for an internship known to every agriculture company represented there and I got the honor of meeting Janice in person -

All in all it wasn't bad-I won't lie, I had a ton more fun at the 1986 National FFA Convention in Kansas City - but that was probably because I was a lot younger!

I have watched these kids for the last 4 years grow, mature (somewhat) and learn about agriculture - and while not every single one of them will be directly involved in the industry for the rest of their lives they have definitely developed a love and respect for it.

And when you are scrolling thru your Facebook feed and find this:


well you tear up a little and you know it is all worth it!


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