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November 9, 2013

I am not a cemetery person!

It has never been a place I went to 'visit' those that I love who have died-it isn't where they are.  But in the past month I have found it is one of the only places (the other being a tractor cab working) that you can cry and think without people trying to make you feel better.

That is where I am sitting this moment watching the sun come up-Dad's graveside service was small-just our family and it was at sunrise-his favorite time of day.  Dad was a morning person and by morning I mean he would of made an excellent dairy farmer-rising and shining before the sun came up is something he excelled at-when I was little I remember him coming in having already fed the cattle while we were still warm in bed and still dark out and waking us up with his cold hands and just laughing.

My Dad would be the first person to say "yep this is sad but there is nothing we can do to change it so just keep moving forward" and I believe this; so why this is hitting so hard today I don't know-


  1. I'm missing someone special today too. Love you, friend. {{hugs}}

  2. He would have been so happy that we could all (well, most all of us) get together for BREAKFAST!!

  3. Oh Jent HUGS HUGS HUGS I understand. B