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November 23, 2013

My Mom's Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate has forever been a part of my life - my Mom loves it, fixes it all the time and it seems like she always has!

The temps started dropping last week and with several things going on the next couple of weeks involving a lot of work outside the first thing the kids requested was that I learn to make 'Grandma's Hot Chocolate' - my reaction was 'fine, if my Swiss Miss isn't good enough for you' and they said 'it's not'!!!!

So I called Mom expecting some long concoction of ingredients to pre-mix but what I got was this:

"Well I have had so many different recipes over the years but what I currently use is my favorite!"

Prepared with my pen and paper, saying a small prayer that I had all the ingredients on hand and (I won't lie) a slight roll of my eyes at the prospect of a trip to the grocery store- I braced myself for the recipe!

"Dove chocolate squares!"

"Just heat your milk up, drop in however many Dove chocolate squares you want, stir and you have the best hot chocolate ever - oh and if you are going to blog this secret could you at least try to get me a lifetime supply of Dove Chocolate"

Now what she didn't verbally express in our conversation is an unwritten (and obviously unspoken) ingredient that always goes in my Mom's hot chocolate:


there you have it folks-let's be honest, pretty much doesn't matter what the base recipe is for hot chocolate - you add a dip of ice cream and you have put it over the top!

Topped with cow sprinkles makes it even yummier!

My Mom's Hot Chocolate


Dove Chocolate Squares (Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate-your choice)
vanilla ice cream
sprinkles - optional

Heat your milk up (microwave or stovetop), pour into a mug and add as many or as little Dove Chocolate squares as you desire-stir to melt chocolate and combine with milk.

Top with a dip of vanilla ice cream and sprinkles!


  1. Wow I am going to try that. I have used choc chips but this sound great Thanks

  2. Good job on the food pictures :) I think this is your best yet!

  3. Mmmm this sounds so yummy right now :) Beautiful photography!

  4. I want a sip right now--my secret is I am a vanilla lover--so mayber I should try it without the chocolate. Just stopping in from Christmas in the Country.

  5. I love this! And if hot chocolate and scotch combs don't go together like peas and carrots!!

  6. That looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe..Love it..I am sure that kids will fall crazy for it.

  7. Today my co worker and I tried this we did 5 Carmel doves ( which wasn’t enough) I read to Cvs and got plain chocolate doves we put 13/14 each (including the 5 Carmel) and some Cuban bread it was good but took forever so since the post doesn’t say how many you need you may need 14/15 cubes to taste like hot chocolate . Thank you for the post it was good !��