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November 5, 2013


Well technically yesterday - but this post is supposed to be Day 4 of 30 Days of Ag -anyway you get it - I am a slacker-

I don't know how you can spend all day in a tractor and still be racking your brain about something agricultural to write about - but I am - I am just not happy with how I am handling this series - I am kind of a random person but this is even too far out there for me - I came up with an idea (well about 15 ideas) yesterday but ditched them all, went back to a couple, shrugged them off, grasped at them again . . . . you get the point - but as I really need to get outside here in a few I am going to throw caution to the wind, try a different direction and see if it sticks to the ceiling!


This is where I live - in beautiful central Indiana!
This picture does not begin to do justice to the colors of the leaves, I was able to look at these colors all day from the cab of a tractor - it just doesn't get much better!


Middle: Good Afternoon
Me: Hi Sweetie
Middle: How are you?
Me: Fine
Middle: What are you doing?
Me: Running the grain cart, did you have a good day?
Middle: Head hurts but yeah, we now have assigned seats on the bus
Me: Why, what happened?
Middle: Joey left something inappropriate on the bus.
Me: Joey who and what!
Middle: Smith and idk I heard Chassidy yelling at him for something
Middle: Not like a condom mom!
Me: Ok-I guess that particular item hadn't occurred to me but good to know it was not that!

This made me laugh!
The middle knew I was in the field and wouldn't be home when she got off the bus so while on the bus she texted to ask how my day was going - this is how the conversation went!


This was where we farmed today!
Out west of Franklin, I ran the grain cart, my FIL ran the combine and Chris, Josh and Doug spent all day make round trips in the semi's, dumping corn at home in the bins and my MIL fed us all!


  1. Random is good. and jut about the only way you can approach a day on the farm: Be ready for any and every thing you could think of and then some!

  2. Jent,
    I like your harvest pictures! Looks and sounds like corn picking is going good. I am from Nebraska were corn is picked. My South Dakota native Husband reminds me that corn is combined and noses are picked.

    Hope you continue to have good luck!

  3. This is hilarious! And love the motto. I have been traveling a ton, but the Boy has been stuck in the tractor. We were rained out yesterday and today but sounds like they will be back at it again tomorrow.