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January 25, 2014

I LOVE Social Media!

If you know me at all you are shaking your head like Chris and mumbling duh to yourself!

But I have one huge fear of Social Media - being perceived as someone I am not!!!

And then this happened this morning ----

PANIC - I have already given someone the impression I have "wisdom and humor"!

Holy Crap I am sinking fast and I don't own any arm floatees!
Do floats even work up shit creek?

I suck at taking compliments - but one of the best compliments I ever received was when someone said "reading Jent's blog is like having a conversation with her over the tailgate of a pick-up truck"

Just thinking of that compliment makes a lump in my throat and brings a tear to my eye - I am very serious!

If, or better, when we meet I hope that I am that person that you 'met' thru social media.  It is important to me that when someone walks away from meeting me that their impression of me hasn't changed!

As I am actually meeting face to face a ton of new friends I have a few disclaimers:

  • While I write and talk farm every single day - there are actually days that I don't go in a barn or drive a tractor!
  • I AM A TOTAL INTROVERT - when we meet I will be quiet and reserved, but watch out at some point, unbeknownst to even me, I will totally step out of my shell and quite possibly become obnoxious at the blink of an eye.
                     disclaimer to the disclaimer-Chris says I am not a TOTAL introvert
                                                               I am merely a Jekyll and Hyde - not
                                                            sure how I feel about that coming from the
                                                                         man I married but.....
  • I am very insecure and hide behind that insecurity with an attempt at humor and a lot of sarcasm!

So after that aren't you excited to meet me in person - or possibly a little scared!!!

January 14, 2014

**Under Construction**

My blog is going through a tiny makeover at the moment. Some images, links, etc. will not be working for a day or two. Please bare with me as I make these changes.


I keep Tom Bechman in my closet!

And not just because he pays me...........................to write, this was long before that.

An article he wrote that was in the May 2012 Indiana Prairie Farmer has hung on my closet wall since the day the magazine came in the mail.

I see it daily - some days it is just a glance, some days I read one or two particular paragraphs and somedays I stop - and read the whole thing.

It hangs next to some old purses I will probably never carry again (why I even own them is a whole different subject-I am not a purse person), caddy corner to a 'Happy Mothers Day' picture the kids drew me years ago.  Neither piece of paper is neatly hung or carefully framed for protection - they are simply hung, each one by a single piece of scotch tape.  Both of these remind me what is truly important every single day as I pawing thru my closet floor looking for clean underwear and something to wear.

The page itself is starting to curl as a reminder of how long it has been hanging there - a year and a half already - one that feels like time has flown by but yet has it really been that long?

God Only Promises Us Today, Not Tomorrow

The article itself talks about the deadly tornado earlier in 2012 that devastated southern Indiana and also about a Johnson County man who passed away suddenly leaving a wife and 4 kids the youngest of which was at the time a senior in high school.

But this article says more to me, maybe it is the title, maybe it is the 'moral', maybe it was just the timing - my Dad had passed away in March of that year, he had Leukemia and while it sounds weird he passed what seemed to me extremely suddenly.

To be honest the details of the month he was most sick aren't important but the day he died will forever stick in my memory, not just for the obvious reasons but because of events that morning.  I had gotten in the habit of taking Dad breakfast a couple of days a week, he didn't like the hospital food so much and it was the perfect time to visit for us.  Dad was a true morning person, I could go up as early as I liked.  I would put the kids on the bus at 6:45 and head to the hospital.  That particular morning we had two loads of hogs going out and I was 'scheduled' to help Josh sort and load - I left for the hospital with the intention of meeting Josh at the hog barns at 8:30 to load out the first load.  Dad and I ate breakfast, talked, I realized it was 8:45, texted Josh I was running late and headed towards the barns.  Josh loaded the first load that morning by himself, was gone before I got there - I felt bad, I hated that he had had to load by himself but he assured me it was fine.  I helped load the second load and went about the rest of my day.  Late that evening my Mom called from the hospital - it wasn't good.......the details don't matter from that point on.  But that breakfast that morning was the last time I would talk to my Dad.

Even though he was sick I truly had no idea leaving that morning that that would be the last time I talked to him.  I felt bad for not being back in time to help Josh with the first load but I thank God everyday that I didn't rush out of the hospital that morning and that because I was to load hogs I didn't skip out on breakfast thinking that I was just too busy and would take him breakfast tomorrow - there was no tomorrow.

January 10, 2014

18 Years Old

So hard to believe that 18 years have gone by in the blink of an eye - cliche I know - and I know there were years that I also thought would never end but here we are on the eve of her 18th birthday and quite frankly I am at a loss for words!

My initial goal was to find 18 pictures - one from each year - but, well, I am not quite that organized!

She was due January 6, 1996, and like any young naive first time Mom I was pretty convinced she would be right on time - I also felt huge, spent massive amounts of time laying on the couch and am still convinced to this day that she would stick her toes in-between my ribs on purpose!  We had a snowstorm around the time she was due - one much like this year but more snow - roads drifted closed for days - Chris and his Dad spent 2 days and nights taking turns in the tractor clearing the road between our house and 44 (3.5 miles) so that when I went into labor we could get to a major road and to the hospital.  My SIL was convinced we were going to be on the cover of the Daily Journal because Chris was going to have to take me to the hospital in the tractor.

Most of the snow melted and she still wasn't out, my next appointment I begged the Dr. to get her out-he scheduled an induction - I checked into the hospital on Jan 10 and at 12:30 pm Jan 11 she was born.  I don't particularly remember everything but I know she didn't cry right away and all the blood had drained from Chris' face and I heard the Dr. say "This cord has a knot in it" - Chris says she was gray and he really thought something was wrong - I distinctly remember thinking "I knew she was doing somersaults in there" - looking back I am glad that I don't remember much else, Chris doesn't panic or scare easy but he was worried.

As soon as she was checked out and all her visitors got to see her I made my Mom and Dad go straight out and get me a footlong chili cheese dog from Dairy Queen!

When she was 3 weeks old - we packed her up and along with my Mom and Dad drove 18 hours to Goodland Kansas so she could meet my sister!  While we were out there the temperature dropped well below zero - I still just shake my head and laugh!

I couldn't be more proud of the person she has become - she has accomplished amazing things in 18 years and I know the best for her is yet to come!

She got early acceptance to Iowa State University and while people keep asking me if it will be hard to let her go that far away I just don't see it - I am so excited for her that how I feel about letting her go is nothing for me to be concerned with - I am going to miss her so unbelievably much but as long as she is making her choices and is happy than how can I be sad.

You are my Sunshine Doodle Bug!

Happy 18th Birthday

The first thing she plans to do:  buy a lottery ticket and a pack of cigarettes, no she doesn't smoke, she just wants to because she can!