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January 25, 2014

I LOVE Social Media!

If you know me at all you are shaking your head like Chris and mumbling duh to yourself!

But I have one huge fear of Social Media - being perceived as someone I am not!!!

And then this happened this morning ----

PANIC - I have already given someone the impression I have "wisdom and humor"!

Holy Crap I am sinking fast and I don't own any arm floatees!
Do floats even work up shit creek?

I suck at taking compliments - but one of the best compliments I ever received was when someone said "reading Jent's blog is like having a conversation with her over the tailgate of a pick-up truck"

Just thinking of that compliment makes a lump in my throat and brings a tear to my eye - I am very serious!

If, or better, when we meet I hope that I am that person that you 'met' thru social media.  It is important to me that when someone walks away from meeting me that their impression of me hasn't changed!

As I am actually meeting face to face a ton of new friends I have a few disclaimers:

  • While I write and talk farm every single day - there are actually days that I don't go in a barn or drive a tractor!
  • I AM A TOTAL INTROVERT - when we meet I will be quiet and reserved, but watch out at some point, unbeknownst to even me, I will totally step out of my shell and quite possibly become obnoxious at the blink of an eye.
                     disclaimer to the disclaimer-Chris says I am not a TOTAL introvert
                                                               I am merely a Jekyll and Hyde - not
                                                            sure how I feel about that coming from the
                                                                         man I married but.....
  • I am very insecure and hide behind that insecurity with an attempt at humor and a lot of sarcasm!

So after that aren't you excited to meet me in person - or possibly a little scared!!!


  1. I stand my by first comment! I think you are speaking to the IYF today, and you totally have this. They will eat up what you say and learn without any pain. You don't have to toot your own horn, just find someone you know out there and have a conversation with them (look around at the other peeps every now and then) ((((((HUGS))))))

  2. You've got this! You will do great!

  3. Oh I am so very proud of you maybe someday we will meet and you can charm me with your humour I know you can. Way to go girl. HUG B

  4. I hope everything went great today and I would love to listen to a panel you are on or meet in real life! I met two of my "social media friends" in Denver at the Stockshow last week and it was great.

  5. I have the same fears as you....

    I too am very much an introvert but I love getting out with friends and having good laughs. I hope I can share those good laughs with new social media friends as well!

    Can't wait to meet you! We will have a blast together. If we aren't too introverted...... :)

  6. We sound quite similar haha. Slow to open up and make friends, but there just seems to be a point when BAM! Shell flies off, but some days there seems to be no shell at all (it can be quite exhausting)