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February 10, 2014


Any time I use my first and middle name I am in trouble and when it comes out of my mouth (because yes it comes out of my mouth so that anyone around can hear it) it sounds just like my Mom's voice!

My mind is reeling this morning but unfortunately with nothing valid, just random thoughts:

My New Rule-

I imposed a new rule on myself:  As long as I am wearing shoes and mascara I may not go back to bed or take a nap!

So if you see me out and about in my pajamas, boots and mascara please know that I am trying!

Today I am working on shit - not in it but writing on it - but my boots are on so I can't go back to bed!

My Book-

For years I have told myself I should write a book - not necessarily for others just for me really for fun - things happen around here that years from now when stories are told people won't believe them and call me senile!

The most fun (and I am positive the easiest part) was compiling my chapter titles the other day while I should of been doing something constructive.

Since then I have added one more - It's the smokey eye.......things I have done

Have you seen this commercial?  It cracks me up every time!


My Addiction-

My name is Jennifer Campbell and I am addicted to Sarah's Valentine Puppy Chow.

I am not kidding, I have a serious problem - I call it Puppy Crack and yesterday I found myself eating the crumbly leavings in the bottom of the bowl with a spoon!

This morning the main bowl of Puppy Crack was empty, I panicked, I got the shakes, I ripped thru the cabinet and realized we were out of Rice Chex, I might of actually blacked out for a few seconds - I then remembered I had stashed a small bowl of it behind the mixer yesterday - I.KID.YOU.NOT - this is true - I feel better now - milk and Puppy Crack make my life complete.

My Writing-

I have been writing for Indiana Prairie Farmer for almost two and half months!  It has been a little bit of a hard adjustment for me because Tom won't let me just write random articles and continually give my opinion - go figure!  But he does sometimes and today's article is one of those times.  I truly enjoy writing in first person because I am merely telling people how I see the situation and not presuming to be smarter than anyone and trying to educate them - this is definitely one of my favorite pieces.

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  1. The commercial was cute, I hadn't seen it before, and I understand how you are addicted to the puppy chow, it looks good.