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September 29, 2014

Her Senior Pictures

I think I was looking more forward to the day we did this than she was!  I like to think we had fun - at least I did!

I can't believe this was a year ago already - time flies when your having fun - and my life is so much fun!

September 24, 2014

Maybe I am not a good parent.........

I'm serious - and I have social media to thank for that!  I love social media, some, including my children and husband, would say that I am obsessed and addicted to it but I think I quit blogging this summer because of it!

Stay with me here - I have a million post-it-notes scattered all over my desk with various ideas scribbled on them - some Indiana Prairie Farmer article ideas and some blog post ideas!  When I tried to organize them I realized that the majority of my blog post ideas this summer centered around my oldest!

And, to be perfectly honest, after reading my Facebook feed all summer I got to feeling self conscious about almost every post being about just one of my kids when I have three!!!  Why?  Because the majority of people in my feed compliment their children as a whole and I felt that this seemed to be the 'Summer of Casey' - Casey's Senior Pics, Casey's Graduation, Casey's Grad Openhouse, Casey's 10th Year of 4-H, Casey Moves to College.  But then I remembered something I have been told my whole life - "just because I compliment your sister doesn't mean the opposite is true about you" and I have come to the conclusion it was the 'Summer of Casey' and while I should be and am proud of her it doesn't mean that my other two won't be in the center spotlight on their own terms one day.

I don't keep a scorebook of compliments for my kids, that isn't how life works.  I might be a bad parent because of it but just because I see one of my kids doing something that deserves a pat on the back doesn't mean I feel the need to come up with a reason to pat the other two on the back at the same time - each of my kids earns it in their own right and should be feel special when it happens, not just like it is another tally mark in their scorebook!

So be prepared for the "Summer of Casey" posts - and FYI she will hate it as much as you might!!!