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November 18, 2014

Rural King Adventures With The Campbells

Our oldest surprised us a couple of weekends ago by showing up on our doorstep all the way from Iowa State University! What's the first thing that comes to mind for a big fun-filled family evening outing for the Campbells? A trip to Rural King.

We aren't shoppers, but a trip to Rural King is like a trip to Disney World for us. We are easily amused and even on vacations branch out to such places as Theisen's – a must stop in Iowa.
In Rural King, I've found that there are five things that can happen when we visit.
1. We are suddenly attracted to camo. We aren't hunters, but for some unknown reason my kids need everything in camouflage they can lay their hands on.
2. The Carhartt section becomes a wonderland of useful fashion items for work and dress. Do I need a new work coat? No, but I could totally pull it off as a fashion statement at Wal-Mart, all while not smelling like diesel fuel or hog manure…
3. We end up with a new kitchen gadget. This time it's the Apple Master 5000. How have we lived so long without one of these? In the first 24 hours of ownership we went through two bushels of apples – seriously. My only rule: You peel it, core it and spiral slice it, YOU EAT IT or you make me apple crisp!
4. We buy barrels of cheese balls, pounds of sugared gummy fruit shapes and beef jerky. I think this could be considered a balanced meal during harvest.
5. We buy the five-pound box of tortilla chips. Do we need one or should we buy two? Can you really have too many light and flaky tortilla chips from a farm supply store cardboard box?
We did make it out without purchasing any new boots, which is not an easy task. Everyone loves new boots.
We love the farm store. There's nowhere else you can shop for fashion, weapons, tools, holiday decor, snacks, go-carts, lawn chairs, toys, work gear and fencing supplies as a family.
Oh, and we actually remembered the work gloves that we went in for.

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