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February 10, 2015

Merry Country Christmas

Yep....you read that right.....Merry Country Christmas!

I know it's February, I know I'm late but sometimes it's just how I roll!

I love the Christmas In The Country gift exchange!

My secret box was filled with a plethora of goodies from Nicole at Midwestern at Heart!

And by goodies I mean almost all eatable-my kind of gift-so good were the chocolate crinkle cookies that I pulled out first that I immediately started eating them!  And then before I even finished opening the rest of the box and there was still cookie in my mouth and powdered sugar on my fingers I Facebooked Nicole, letting her know how much I appreciated the gift-even before I knew what else was in the box-what could go wrong with chocolate crinkle cookies on top!!!

After the chocolate crinkle cookies there was wagon wheel shaped pasta (gone the next day as my kids snagged it and ate in all in one sitting), some amazing cherry jam (which I hid and kept all for myself) and the cutest measuring spoons - they look like snowflakes!

Thank You Nicole - I so enjoyed my package!

Thank You so much to these girls - they probably won't let me play next year since my manners were so horrible this year!!

Laurie of Country Linked
Jamie of This Uncharted Rhoade
Erin of Diaries from the Dirt Road 
Robyn of The Ranch Wife Chronicles