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March 5, 2015

Some days it's a struggle.....

.....just to put on real pants!

I'm not kidding - I'm not even talking dress clothes - tights, panty hose, dress pants, spanx, dresses, high heels - I'm just talking jeans!

And I love jeans, I once even had made my wishes known I wanted to be buried in jeans!  I have since changed my mind - I have a friend who was a undertaker, was as in he does something else now not 'was' as in he needed his own undertaker - but I digress!  Did you know to get jeans on a 'past' person most of the time they have to cut the seem out of the butt?  I've spent the majority of my adult life trying to keep my ass in my jeans I decided I didn't want to spend eternity with it hanging out!

My job is even more casual than casual Friday yet there are days the thought of wrestling into a pair of jeans makes me cringe!  So much so that the other evening, say 4pm- that is considered evening right? - I had to take Emi Lou to softball practice and I was already wearing my pj's.  As I walked out the door Chris said "Really?  I just hope you don't have a wreck?"  I told him I was wearing clean underwear - that's what I was always told about being in a wreck - pray you have clean underwear - no one ever said anything about what kind of pants you were supposed to be wearing!

Boots and PJ's - I think if we stick together we can make this acceptable - who's with me?

But then I suck it up-literally and put my real pants on because really life is awesome!

March 1, 2015

What's it like working with family?

I love the saying:  The best part of my job is working with family, and the worst part of my job is working with family!

It's true!

Mother Nature put a nix in our plans the last couple of weeks therefore things didn't go as they should of!  Things always work out so well in my head!

Following a long two weeks of snow, freezing weather, hog work not going as planned, travel and arriving home at 1am Thursday night/Friday morning brought about a 2 hour delay for school (for which I am thankful-2 hours extra sleep) led to 2 days of hog barn work in not our usual fashion!

When weaning pigs timing is everything-it is imperative to follow a schedule strictly!  Our breeding, farrowing and weaning schedule is mapped out for years ahead of time.  Once pigs are weaned from a  sow, the actual taking the pigs off the sow or them no longer drinking her milk, will start her cycle again for reproduction, so to keep everything running timing is key.  We wean on Friday's so that those sows come into heat the following week, can be bred and will give birth again 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days later.

We were shorthanded this time and had to shake things up a bit to stay on schedule.  Cole took the Friday after school shift of helping move sows around in the gestation barn and pulling sows out of farrowing.  Emi Lou then helped Saturday with moving the piglets to the nursery barn.  Normally this is all done on Friday so this was a different way of working for us but will still keep us and the sows on schedule.

Working with our kids is amazing.  We work well as family but for Chris and I to get to work with them individually like this past weekend was a pleasure!

Emi Lou is our hog farmer -

We call her muscles-she is a strong willed hard worker!