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March 5, 2015

Some days it's a struggle.....

.....just to put on real pants!

I'm not kidding - I'm not even talking dress clothes - tights, panty hose, dress pants, spanx, dresses, high heels - I'm just talking jeans!

And I love jeans, I once even had made my wishes known I wanted to be buried in jeans!  I have since changed my mind - I have a friend who was a undertaker, was as in he does something else now not 'was' as in he needed his own undertaker - but I digress!  Did you know to get jeans on a 'past' person most of the time they have to cut the seem out of the butt?  I've spent the majority of my adult life trying to keep my ass in my jeans I decided I didn't want to spend eternity with it hanging out!

My job is even more casual than casual Friday yet there are days the thought of wrestling into a pair of jeans makes me cringe!  So much so that the other evening, say 4pm- that is considered evening right? - I had to take Emi Lou to softball practice and I was already wearing my pj's.  As I walked out the door Chris said "Really?  I just hope you don't have a wreck?"  I told him I was wearing clean underwear - that's what I was always told about being in a wreck - pray you have clean underwear - no one ever said anything about what kind of pants you were supposed to be wearing!

Boots and PJ's - I think if we stick together we can make this acceptable - who's with me?

But then I suck it up-literally and put my real pants on because really life is awesome!


  1. You sound like me we should start a club. HUG B

  2. I've chored many times before in sweats/athletic shorts and boots. Completely acceptable!

  3. You asked for comments about instagram. I wouldn't even know how to get started so I guess I would be your target audience regarding that question. If I were to start posting on instagram how would I get started? Do you need a special camera or special software (downloadable I assume)? Can anyone see the photos or can one restrict the viewership? How hard is it to upload the photos and does one upload directly from the camera or would you need to upload to a computer and then to instagram? Do I need to start a blog or facebook page to start using instagram? How intimidated were you to start posting to instagram and what were your concerns? Can the posted photos then be sorted into subfiles?

    I guess those would be my first questions....☺

  4. Hmmm...have you tried Duluth Trading women's jeans? I find that they make the journey from knees to waist with nary a hitch.

    I like to wear fleece lined leggings earlier in the evening - nobody knows these are my half way pjs. With a long top or maxi skirt and t-shirt I could sleep or run to the grocery - and most evenings it's a toss up between which is most immediately important!

    Thanks for the laughs.

  5. Read your post.. its just humorous that's a unique and exciting way to blog. one can always visit your site for info with a good laugh. enjoyed.

  6. I love you, :D :D :D seriously though, it's never that serious

  7. Yeah !! Didn't know what to be a wreck means.

  8. Indeed, you are right. Some days are really a struggle!