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May 28, 2015

My Kitchen Suffers An Identity Crisis

I plopped down in the comfy chair the other day and as tired as I was jumped right back up when the nut driver I just sat on caused me slight discomfort.  That's when I realized my kitchen suffered a severe case of identity crisis....was I even really in my kitchen, I looked around and I wasn't sure.

Right before we started planting I walked in the kitchen to find Chris emptying the dishwasher.  My heart melted just a little until I caught sight of the Capture Insecticide flow meter parts on the counter.  He needed the dishwasher to wash them!  While not the heart melting gesture I had first envisioned I opted to see the glass half full and be thankful he hadn't asked to empty it for him.

In an antique crock on my Hoosier Kitchen are miscellaneous sizes of nuts and bolts, a pair of needle nose pliers, several screwdrivers and various small items, I honestly don't know what they are but I do know they don't belong in the kitchen.

There is a bag of calf milk replacer in the corner with a DeWalt cordless drill next to it and half bag of sweet corn seed casually leaning against the counter next to the bar stools.  The calf bottle is sitting on the kitchen window ledge next to the little hand made wooden cross.

The medicine cabinet in the kitchen?  Let's just hope the kids don't get a fever, all 4 of the thermometers are clearly labeled 'LIVESTOCK' in black sharpie!  On the bright side.....all 4 the thermometers are labeled.  Sitting right beside the Tylenol bottle, which I was beginning to need, was a bottle of Lutalyse.

In the refrigerator is a wide assortment of vaccines and medications.  Need a syringe to administer?  If not on the counter just check under the sink, on the Hoosier Kitchen or next to the phone.

My Kitchen Suffers An Identity Crisis

But maybe my favorite was the calf pulling chains laying next to the box of pie crust dough!  Yes, we had pulled a calf that particultar day.  Yes, I rinsed them. Yes, I buy pie crust dough and still make a killer pie- just in half the time!

Least we not forget the sheer number of boots that spend most of their time scattered on the floor, along with the dirt and other organic substance that come in on them!  And the livestock that has lived in my kitchen......a story for another time.

Buy my kitchen is not alone in it's issues, a lot of times I find my kitchen supplies in the shop!  My measuring cups sprout legs this time of year only to be found on the spray trailer.  In need of a meat thermometer?  Check the trucks and grain bins, they double as soil thermometers and for measuring grain temperatures as it comes out of the grain dryer in the fall.

Such is the life I live and love!

Confirmed Diagnosis: A Farmwife's Kitchen