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June 19, 2015

But my BonBon's might melt!

I was at the grocery store the other day unloading a cart full of groceries onto the conveyer belt while my oldest (19 years old) was literally having a crisis over what candy to choose instead of helping me!

They didn’t have any Sour Skittles - for the love of all that is good in America how could they not offer up Sour Skittles in the checkout aisle, she was beyond distraught because and I quote:
 “I don’t have a backup plan,
I was positive they would
have Sour Skittles”

She then proceeds to ask if we could go to 3 other stores in town to hunt down this candy that is so required.  The conversation went exactly like this:

Oldest: “We need to find Sour Skittles can you take me to Walgreens, CVS and Kroger to look for them.  You really don’t have anything else to do today!”

Me: “But my Bon Bon’s might melt”  in my most sarcastic tone

Oldest: “You bought Bon Bon’s?  I want some!”  in her most serious as all get out tone

It reminded me how much I hate the question “So you don’t work, what do you do all day?”

I kind of quit making ‘to do’ lists a long time ago because I never got anything crossed off, I was too busy putting out other people’s fires to worry about my own!

I do a whole lot of this and a little of that some days while other day a whole lot of that and just a little of this!

A week after the Sour Skittles Debacle was a day I actually had a plan, a list if you will!

At 5:10pm Chris walks in the door hollers he has time to work through the cows let’s go get this done!  Our 'herd' has names not numbers so it's not an all day job-just not a job I had dressed for this particular day as it wasn't on my list-meetings and computer work were on the agenda, the reason for the non-manure clothing choice of that day.  Ummmmmm my plan was going quite nicely and this was not part of it but I changed clothes and we went!

Hour and half, lots of swearing, yelling, broken syringe, trip to the barns, and more yelling later I drove like a bat out of hell home and ran in the house!

I striped, laid under the ceiling fan for 30 seconds, knocked the most noticeable chunks of organic matter off my face and out of my hair, spritzed with Febreeze, threw my clean clothes back on and was out the door!  My truck needed gas and I needed a beer polar pop!

I sincerely apologize to anyone who had to sit down wind of me at either meeting!

These are all reasons I quit making lists at the beginning of the day!  It’s more fun to make a list of everything you accomplished in a day than to stare at a list of things that didn’t get marked off because you were too busy helping others mark things off their list!

I may not be the busiest person around but it feels like I do a lot wether it be in the house, barns, on the farm or in my truck running kids, parts or livestock- if it needs done and someone to do it that person is me!

And let’s be honest those Cookie Jam lives aren’t going to use themselves up!


  1. We do 4-H chores on the way to and from work everyday. I know I smell like pigs all day :) Even if I change my clothes, it's still in my hair! I must be crazy, but I think it's fun!

  2. On I get this. Thanks for the laughs. Hug B