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June 5, 2015

Cattle, Tattoos and Midlife Crisis'

I bush hogged our cattle pasture yesterday.  Eight acres, the batwing bush hog, the 4440 in A3.  Even at full bunny that gives you lots of time to think- 3 hours of thinking to be exact!

Of all the things I could of contemplated, all the world problems I could've attempted to solve, all the productive things I could of accomplished……… my mind settled on cattle, tattoos and what my midlife crisis should be.

I have often wondered if I would have a midlife crisis.  Does it just hit you, how do you know it’s a midlife crisis, are you supposed to admit it’s a midlife crisis, how do you even know when you are midlife?

I’m 45, if I am lucky enough to live to 90 I am currently at my midlife, so I am prime midlife crisis point.  If I don’t make it to 90 I need to be in midlife crisis crunch mode and need to be getting it underway!

I’m sure there are cliche midlife crisis scenarios.  But I’m not much of a sports car convertible person, never wanted to go sky-diving, don’t want to dress younger than my age, no desire to party to much-I’m pretty comfortable in my pick-up truck, keeping my boots on the ground, jeans and bedtime most nights before 10pm.

But then it hit me - cattle and tattoos! And not a cow tattoo or a tattoo that looks like the ones you give cows but actually buying more cows and getting a tattoo.  Maybe I am in the midst of my midlife crisis and didn’t even know it!  Does that mean I am actually right on schedule?

I love cows.  I want more, Chris has to stop me more often than not from just stock piling cattle.  I would fence every inch of grass we have for cows if Chris would let me!

And a tattoo!  I want one-I have for a while!  But in the early years of marriage I was threatened with divorce if I got one.  But I figure now we are probably stuck with each other for a while and maybe I could get away with it!

Chris always says “Do you know where that tattoo will end up over time?”  Well Chris I want it on my foot……so if I live to be 90 the only place it could possibly end up is the bottom of my foot!!!

I’ve been told I’m not buying any more cattle in the near future and maybe the tattoo is a cliche midlife crisis……but maybe I am actually ok with cliche.

Or maybe, just maybe the more I bring up getting a tattoo the more cattle he will let me buy for not getting one????? 


  1. LOL. At first I thought this was going to be about ear tattoos. Funny.

  2. Oh you silly girl I am in my sixties and I do not think I celebrated mid life yet so you are way to young. Go for the tattoo and the more cattle. You know I know about that:) Hug B

  3. Ha! A girl after my own heart! Not the tattoos so much, but cows.I hear ya. The other day my hubby and I were discussing purchasing cows and I told him, "Honey you need to get this, I dont do shoes and purses like other women....I do cows!" lol!!