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June 27, 2015

Questions and Quotes

I had the opportunity earlier this week to spend 2 days in Raleigh North Carolina at Bayer Crop Sciences Research Triangle Park.  Why you ask.....well I haven't figured that out yet.  It's a question I am wrestling with when I am offered these amazing opportunities and at little to no expense to me, except my time!

Why me?  I have had some amazing opportunities since I started blogging and I am grateful for every one of them, but why me?  I'm pretty blunt, I have opinions and I'm not afraid to share them.  I also believe whole heartedly in choice: for both farmers and consumers. And in that I don't believe one company is right for everyone, that one way of farming is right for every farmer or that consumers shouldn't have choices.  Farming is personal, emotional and a business - a tough combination to juggle for the farmer and tough to fully grasp for the consumer.

I have spent the past few days marinating, contemplating and reviewing my tweets and the tweets from those that shared this experience with me.  So what I am going to share are just a few of the quotes that truly stuck with me while there and then a few questions I am still contemplating.

 "Noise, such as the number of Facebook likes shouldn't have any weigh-in on wether science works or not."
 James Blome, President & CEO for Bayer CropScience LP and the Head of Crop Protection for the North American region. 

"We need another green revolution to move agriculture ahead." 
Catherine Feuillet, Head of Trait Research, Bayer CropScience 

This quote.....given on June 4, 1963 in his opening remarks to The World Food Congress is still true to this day.

"1 in 12 people work in agriculture, 12 in 12 people need agriculture."
Liam Condon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bayer CropScience and Chairman of the Board of Management of Bayer CropScience AG 

Why is science encouraged, accepted and applauded in all areas of life except when it comes to the one area that is the sheer sustenance of life itself?

We can talk about the 'moveable middle' but until we focus on them and ignore the squeaky wheel I feel like we are wasting our time.  I think you can explain modern agriculture all day but unless the people we talk to have an open mind it won't work!

So then my final question was to myself:   Does taking these trips make me a shill?

I honestly had to look up what the word really meant!

And then I answered myself - Maybe I am......I am a shill for modern production agriculture.

Is that such a bad thing?  I am more than willing to accept these learning experiences from any company and share them honestly with anyone who is interested in listening to me go on and on about the importance of choice and the sheer need for all types of agriculture including modern technology in farming to grow food!  But I don't hide it so maybe I'm not a shill.....I guess I really don't care!

And last but not least they left the giant scissors outside after the ribbon cutting ceremony on the new facilities........using giant scissors is an item that is actually on my metaphorical 'bucket list':

Bucket List Item: Use Giant Scissors - CHECK

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