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June 11, 2015

The Lesser of Two Evils

They say pigs are one of the most intelligent animals there is.  Chris says if that's true then they don’t apply themselves!  I couldn’t agree more! Ever tried moving hogs, of any size, even when they are out of feed and you are moving them to where there is feed!

Hogs like to do 2 things: eat, and eat some more.  And when there is nothing to eat they tear things up out of boredom.

We use two different rations in our nurseries, a starter pellet out of bags and then a ration that we grind.  They stay in a nursery room for approximately seven weeks at which time we like to have the feeders empty.  We wash the room, wash the feeders and then fill with the starter pellets for the next group, waste not want not.  No feeding the pit monster if we can help it!

Just so happens last Sunday morning 4 pens of nursery pigs in one of the rooms had empty feeders, that means moving pigs into the finisher!  That job fell to the middle kid and me!

They say patience is a virtue, it’s just not one of mine.....and yes I have some virtues!  Moving hogs requires some patience, I don’t have the muscle power to push hogs, I need them to use some of this supposed intelligence they have.

I carry an ‘impatient stick’, I honestly don’t give it a charge often, I mostly just use it to poke with-which annoys Chris because he claims I break them that way, but it’s at the ready when I need it!

Emi Lou however tells me that singing to them makes them move easier - I’ve heard her sing…..I think they are running out of earshot from her!  She has a wide array of music she shares for any kind of music loving pig.  Just in the 2 hours we worked Sunday I heard opera, rap, a little “Ring of Fire”, along with some Jason Aldean not that she left out southern rock - her rendition of  “Fire On The Mountain” could move any pig forward faster, and she easily transition’s into a little Quiet Riot with “Come on Feel The Noise”!

I don’t know which is the lesser of two evils - the lady with the impatient stick or the singing pig moving girl - maybe hogs are intelligent and indecisive so they just don't move!

But all in all her singing is a small price to pay for the hard work my favorite hog farming kid does - she is my go-to for hog work!  She knows how to work livestock with skill and not just her singling skills!


  1. I think I am with the "singing pig moving girl" how lucky the pigs are to hear her. Hug B

  2. <3! "They don't apply themselves" made me laugh out loud!

  3. Don't believe that pigs are the most intelligent animals. I will consult a veterinarian and ask the question.