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October 16, 2015

Yes, they let me operate equipment........

This morning I had serious trouble operating the blender while making my smoothie!  I jumped in Chris’ truck (a diesel manual) to meet him at the hog barns to load hogs, backed out of the drive and killed it in the middle of the road!  After loading hogs I went to get in my truck hooked to the trailer and completely walked into the gooseneck of the trailer with my head…….it hurt, I cussed.

As I headed down 44 pulling the trailer with 30 head of fat hogs on it I wondered if that was the smartest thing for those on the road with me.  I couldn’t run the blender this morning and I bumped my head after that!

You ever get a prescription filled and read the ‘warnings’?  I do, sometimes - my favorite is “Do not operate heavy machinery while taking this medication” - I always giggle and think when would I ever run heavy machinery!   It honestly didn’t occur to me until today as I sit in the 8220 on grain cart duty…….tractors are probably considered heavy machinery!

I tend to get tired and slap happy about this point in harvest but slap happy sure beats crying on my dirty kitchen floor......cause I've done that too!!

I went from running the 8220 with the grain cart to the 4640 when Chris asked me to disc the ground he was getting ready to plant wheat on!  You can stomp on the differential lock all you want in the 4640, that steering wheel ain’t going no where!!  I can also verify that you can stomp on the steering wheel pedal in the 8220 when your sinking in soft ground and it won’t help……it really will only frustrate you farther because not only are you sinking but the steering wheel has just flown out of your hands and you're briefly baffled!

Chris said “jump in the 9200 and chisel plow the wheat stubble”.  I jump in the tractor take off pause at the end of the drive to check for traffic and as cool as I can give the little orange knob on the arm rest a flick.  And then was seriously curious as to why the tractor wasn’t moving all while I had my foot engaging the clutch……but apparently simply moving the high low knob forward does nothing to make that tractor move! 

And don’t get me started on ‘here’s the clutch but DON’T use it’……..on this tractor or in that semi but you will need it in that tractor and this semi!  We will save that for another time!

Happy Harvesting and Be Safe

P.S. The little round clicker button on the floor of the 8220 don't make the lights brighter.........no matter how many times you tap it with your foot!