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January 21, 2016

5 First Snow Victories

It was a pretty mild winter till a couple of weeks ago, I get lulled into the easiness of it and then the snow hits and I'm like those crazy people running to the store for bread, eggs and milk only I'm over here digging through the cubby closet for Carhartts, Mucks and stocking caps.

It's 2016, we will get to the store, we live in central Indiana not Antartica!  And do people really crave French Toast that bad when it snows??  But when there is livestock to care for we need our winter gear!

Now that we are in somewhat of a stable winter snow grove I sat down for a minute and realized we should really give ourselves some credit - we aren't organized people but we made it through and no one was injured, maimed or froze to death!

If only this were true, my Carhartts would fit so much better!

So my top 5 victories are:

1.  All Carhartts were found, enough stocking caps to go around, a pair of muck boots for all and thanks to Christmas everyone had insulated work gloves!  VICTORY

2.  All Carhartts fit!  It doesn't really matter that I made the boy buy a pair last year that was a size too big.  With 3 kids and livestock farming actually getting a year where no one needs new ones is huge!  A sweet moment in my Mom world is I now have the smallest feet in the house......that means I can wear anyone's boots but they can't wear mine!!! VICTORY!

3.  My ice scraper was where it was supposed to be!  Even I was shocked - I climbed in my pickup truck that first snowy morning to head to the hog barns, reached down beside the seat in the door pocket to grab it and was actually stunned it was there!  I wasn't going to be that crazy lady driving down the road with an icy windshield except for the 5 inch circle I had scrapped with my fingernail so I could see! VICTORY

4.  The extension cord for Chris' diesel truck wasn't buried in the snow!  That hole in the barn door that initially caused a lot of cussing came in pretty handy as a holder for the plug.  Now it doesn't get dropped on the ground and snow covered!  VICTORY

5.  Nothing has gelled up and the electricity has stayed on!  We've put hay out for the cattle, ground feed for the hogs, cleaned manure off lots and hauled hogs - not one tractor or truck has gelled up and we haven't had to use the generator! VICTORY

Bonus:  I'm resigned early this year to the piles of frozen, organic covered winter gear littering my kitchen floor!  But if I turn up missing check those piles first, I swear they will be the death of me!

Now I'm going to go knock on wood, cross my fingers & toes and say a little prayer because I probably just jinxed us!  And much to Chris' dismay now that we have had snow I'm loving my icicle lights on the house and am leaving them on for just a while longer!


  1. Sadly I think you've jinxed things. Good luck with that ;-).

  2. I agree with thecrazysheeplady :) Hope not good job. Hug B

  3. Dressed right and the crisp cold air can be a treat.. without the right duds, not so much. Liked your post, humor, images!

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