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February 19, 2016

Hug Your People!

When you find your soul sisters you no longer feel the need to weep silently in the school drop off line wearing pajama’s and Uggs driving a pickup truck that reeks of hog manure.

Mornings aren’t pretty around here!  I am a full on Team Morning person who is surrounded by Team Night people.  Team Night people are very unpleasant at 6am to Team Morning people!

I’m ever grateful on those mornings for a group text that I am lucky enough to be a part of!  They get me, I get them, we are soul sisters, kindred spirits, deal with the same shit  lead similar lives.  And even what we don’t have in complete common we can sympathize with.

The other morning was a perfect example, it had been rough.  There was bickering, yelling, possibly cussing and I was over it!  I decided to just up and take the youngest to school myself instead of waiting for the phone call from the sheriff telling me of the double homicide that had occurred in the middle’s Jeep on the way to school!

I was in my pajama’s, I put on my Uggs, I put on somebody’s dirty work coat, I drove my very ripe smelling hog farmer truck……….I was not happy and then this text came through:

A: “That day that your youngest daughter leaves her lunch in the car but you can’t stop and take it in the school because you  wore pajama pants and flip-flops to take the kids to school.  That’s the day I’m having”

And you smile because you are not alone!  And I confessed:

Me: “I’m in pj’s and Uggs!”
A: "Thanks for being my kindred spirit." 
B: “One of my kids asked if I was putting on a bra to take them this morning………”
C: “IDK what you ladies are talking about…..I’m over here in my heels and pearls!”

And you know she is kidding but that middle finger emoji is perfect and you know that she will laugh!

I unequivocally thank social media for my tribe, my people, my soul sisters, my kindred spirits!  I’m blessed with them in multiples - some close to home, some 2 hours away and many spread across the United States.  

I had to stop by the hog barns on the way home that morning to tell Chris something, he was hauling manure. 

Every single one of them would feel my pain and get me if I had sent them this picture of a manure spreader praying I don’t get asked to help....... because Uggs and manure just aren't a good combination!

When you find your tribe, hold them tight, laugh with them, be honest with them, love them for who they are, because have no doubt that they love you for who you are and remember that with them you can make it through anything!


  1. Love this! Your tribes conversation makes me smile, laugh and be so happy for you. I love how social media brings us closer to some people that we otherwise wouldn't have probably ever known. It's great to have a group that gets you!

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