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February 26, 2016

My bath towels lead a double life!

Calving is one of my all time favorite times of the year, this year we are expecting 10!  I am so giddy, it will be pretty spread out but they should start any time now and I'm about to bust at the seams!

I have so many memories and stories about calving but this one that happened last year with our first ever set of twins is one of my favorites!

That morning as the kids were headed out the front door to get on the bus I slipped on a pair of boots and headed out the back door to check the ‘herd’!  Our cattle ‘herd’ has names not numbers and we were in the midst of calving season.  And by calving season I mean a sixth of our expecting cow herd has calved……1 of 6 pregnant cows has had her calf.

As I step outside I look to make sure the bus is gone, as the kids on the bus make fun of me for my boots and pajamas, then head to the barn.  A calf catches my eye, it’s wet, shivering and stuck in the mud and not a momma cow paying a bit of attention to him.

Back into the house quickly I holler for Chris and grab some bath towels out of the laundry room, race back out to rescue him.  I dry him off while Chris hunts down the Momma, who come to find out is on the back side of the barn giving birth to this one’s twin.

As I sat there in my pajamas, probably on a cowpie, with a newborn calf wrapped in my bath towels that were not in the rag pile I laughed, cried and prayed.

I laughed because it didn’t even phase me that I was probably sitting in a cowpie with a towel wrapped around a newborn calf that I would probably be using as soon as I washed it.

I cried because it didn’t even phase me that I was probably sitting in a cowpie with a towel wrapped around a newborn calf that I would probably be using as soon as I washed it.

I prayed that that little calf would make it and that when the momma cow rounded the corner of the barn and saw me with her calf she didn’t take me out!

I always swore my bathroom towels would match my decor and each other.  Yes, I realize that of all the goals I could have set in life, having matching bath towels is not reaching for the stars, but it was a legitimate goal in my mind!

I can remember registering for towels. I was so excited.  The towels were all so fluffy, like being surrounded by clouds of color all organized in puffy stacks.  How could a marriage ever have trouble if all your towels were fluffy and matched?

I also remember, at one of my wedding showers, opening a gift with a throw rug and some bath towels in it.  I distinctly remember opening the box and being thoroughly confused, as they were a sage green and peach color.  My fluffy clouds of happiness were to be deep burgundy, matching my new homes bathroom decor.

These were not the colors I registered for!

I thought I was polite, as my Mom tried to raise me with manners. I said “Thank You”.  But the giver must of seen the look of confusion on my face because she announced to everyone “I know these aren’t the colors you registered for but what you chose seemed so dark and dreary I didn’t really like them, so I thought I would brighten them up a bit with these prettier colors”

Twenty three years and three kids later even a peach towel wouldn’t be frowned upon.  I mainly shoot now for mostly dry and hopefully having been washed in the past week when I choose a towel for my daily shower!

Who knew that they would be used like a shop rag sometimes, used to clean up kids’ puke, to warm baby pigs, dry off a newborn calf, used to get the mud off rubber boots, help save abandoned wild bunnies………..

Maybe it’s the threadbare towels that actually make a happy home, because they have been used to make memories.


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