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May 6, 2016

Lava Soap and A Bottle of Coke

Sunday afternoon at Rural King is one of our favorite things to do!  There is always something needed from there and once you're there, well, you find a million things you didn't know you needed but are now convinced you can't live without!

A couple of Sunday's ago we were there, cart loaded down, attempting to round everyone up when I decided to peruse the 'grocery' aisles.  Now in all honesty I have never shopped those aisles but I had a few minutes to kill!  That's when I saw it.......a glass bottle of coke!

I was taken back to Sunday afternoons as a kid watching TV - usually an old movie or sitting in the same room as Dad watched a sporting event eating popcorn and drinking Coke poured out of glass bottles.

And then I immediately thought of Angel Food Cake, I'm not even kidding!  Inside my head is not a fun place but my Mom always made Angel Food Cakes when I was a kid and always hung them upside down on a coke bottle!

I knew I had to buy a bottle and I knew I had to learn to make my own angel food cake!  I immediately texted my Mom and asked for her recipe!

I simply got back the text:

"I use a box mix"

And my world started crumbling around me........I had no clue, what else in my childhood had been an illusion, I was gasping for breath.

But she assured me that her use of a box mix was in no way a secret maybe I just wasn't observant.......which is totally probably the case!  So I put the bottle of Coke in the cart and made Chris stop on the way home for a box mix of angel food cake - and can I say WOW that was so much easier and less mess and hassle than homemade!  And was just as delicious!!

As we were standing in line to check out at Rural Kind there in the 'impulse buy' section was Lava soap.  I hadn't seen that stuff in years, more years than I will admit to you.  My Dad loved Lava soap, as a child I hated it.  It hurt when you washed your hands with it - I didn't know what pumice was but it was evil stuff when I was a kid!

But of course I threw a bar in the cart.......you know for nostalgia's sake.

It's amazing what can spur your memories, little trivial things that can make your heart smile!  Now my goal is to find soapstone......my Dad always had a piece of soapstone in his work pants pocket.


  1. What a refreshing way to start a day

  2. Hilarious! It's amazing how many of mom's "recipes" involved a little cheating.

  3. I do sooo remember both of these as a farm kid myself!