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November 19, 2016

Rotting Pumpkins On The Porch

It feels like its been years since I've taken any time to write......a million things run through my head but to sit down and let them come out my fingertips just hasn't been happening.

The weather finally turned last night - from a beautiful 70 degree Indian summer day into the low 30's, rain, snow flurries and howling wind.

I had to actually move my desktop computer down to the kitchen table because I thought there was a desk upstairs but it seems to have turned into a pile of miscellaneous crap-yes crap-that I don't have the energy to sort through right now!

I am attempting to write a children's book about Pete, the bottle calf we are raising.  I'm attempting to make it a fun book to read as well as educational about real farm life.  However, talking about contracted flexor tendons in 4th grader speak is currently leaving me at a loss for words-which is something most people would not accuse me of very often!

While words might not be coming can I say the friend I have doing the illustrations is amazing!!!

Thanksgiving is this week and pictures of Christmas trees are popping up on my Facebook feed........I'm still just thankful harvest is over before Thanksgiving, we had no major breakdowns, and no one was hurt.

People are all 'Christmas trees and clean houses' and I'm all over here shitty boots in the kitchen and rotting pumpkins on the porches - it's life, it's our life.

As for my Christmas decorations I have no clue where any of them are right now, well except for my Nativity Scene!  It's been up all year - I couldn't find the box last January and was afraid to put it away without it so I just left it up!  In all honesty this family needs Jesus' presence all year around, a physical reminder - that's what I tell myself anyway to justify still having Christmas decorations sitting around!

As for the rotting pumpkins, won't it be a nice surprise next Spring when pumpkin vines pop up and I can be all 'lookie there, I'm ahead of the game decorating for fall' - being all sustainable with my pumpkins and making them work for me year after year!  And when I sweep my kitchen floor I just scatter it in my flower beds as fertilizer, that is however what it actually is!

I did get my chili recipe up on Farmwife Feeds yesterday, no small feat!  This cold snap calls for good chili!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!


  1. I'm lookin' forward to Pete's story and I always love hearing yours, shitty boots and all!!!

  2. I cannot wait to buy Pete's book. I find it hard to do everything that has to be done too. The snow has now covered my canvas parrot clad folding chairs on my front porch with the plastic pumpkin beside. Yup I get it.Hug B

  3. Can't wait to hear Pete's story! :)

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