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December 10, 2016

I ask stupid questions!

Yes, that may not be surprising to some……or most, but I do.  I’m not afraid to admit it - If I’m not asking stupid questions I’m Googling to find the answer while you think I am tweeting something!

I had the opportunity to spend the last few days in Kansas City at The Ag Chat Conference.  I am overly blessed with amazing opportunities in ag and so thankful.  Getting to not only work on our farm but be able to travel to learn more about agriculture is a dream come true!

But, because let’s be honest there’s always a but……. the majority of the time I learn more from the attendees of a conference than from the speakers - there I said it!

Sitting through a panel session I met the most wonderful lady completely by accident during AgChat.  She was quiet and reserved and I wonder, if just like me she had to summon all her courage just to talk to a stranger.  If I know you and am comfortable, I’m most likely obnoxious but until then I’m not a huge fan of peopling, especially in large crowds.

This lady struck up a conversation with me at our table because I got embarrassed and was attempting to crawl under the table…..she said you shouldn't be embarrassed and then informed me I was her first tweet ever!

WOW just WOW

We had a super conversation where she told me that while her grandparents had farmed she herself had not grown up on a farm.  But after many years in corporate America in downtown Chicago she had had enough and wanted to farm - so she found a farmer husband and became a farmer!  That is some serious goal setting and accomplishing!!

During the conversation she said “I still ask a lot of stupid questions even after six years!”  I laughed and said I ask a ton of stupid questions daily!

She was shocked, she said haven’t you been around agriculture your whole life.  Well yes, one of my favorite things to say is that I have been in the middle of production agriculture my entire life but that by no means makes me think even slightly I know everything.  Matter of fact I am positive there is more I don’t know about agriculture than I do know!

It made me wonder if we get to caught up in the way ‘we’ do things on our farm and think it is the best way!  And by all means we are doing it the best way, the best way for our farm.  If we all did everything exactly the same and all thought exactly the same we would eliminate what we hear in America cherish the most, our freedom of choice!  Not only to live the way we want but to farm the way we feel best and feed our family the way we see best.

I guess my point is there really is no such thing as a stupid question, We say that to consumers but are we open to others ways of thinking within agriculture.  Are we in ag coming across as open to discussion, open to not only answering questions from consumers but asking questions of each other and learning.

If you're interested in what others learned at AgChat this year check out #agchat on Twitter or AgChat Foundation on Facebook!

I'm truly fortunate to be a Bayer Blogger, so all my expenses were paid for by Bayer Crop Sciences but what I learned was totally all mine!!!