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December 14, 2017

Dear Santa

Hope you've had a good year and the Christmas season doesn't drag out like Harvest 17 did!

I wish I could say I've been good this year but in all honesty I've been tolerable at the best, but I'm writing anyway!

I hope the reindeer are good, I used to be so infatuated with flying reindeer, now all I can think about is the sheer amount of manure they must make - I've clearly become a crotchety old person!

I do plan on leaving cookies out this year for you - however the milk will be in the fridge - warm milk just gives me the heebie jeebies!

Enough small talk, on to the business at hand!  Years ago as a parent I adopted Want - Need - Wear - Read as our Christmas gift giving tradition for the kids, so for the sake of tradition I am using it as my guide this year!


Oh Santa what I want more than anything is for all the feed bins to have working lids and chains!  I'm too old/maybe too lazy to climb the bins to open the lids and climb again to close them!  I don't know if you have a team of repair elves you could send out - I'll be happy to supply the materials I'm simply asking for the labor!

Me freezing my ...... off the other night on top of Bin 1!


Let's be honest - I need for nothing, but that won't stop me from asking for something!

Casey's Gift Certificates........these would be perfect!  I NEED my Casey's donuts but I don't NEED Chris adding up my Casey's bills every month!  Yes - he actually does this!

On a more practical note --- my truck needs detailed and a boat load of air freshener!!  I love my pick-up truck but it is used and probably abused!


These Macie Bean Boots - just look at them Santa, aren't they beautiful!

Oh Sweet Santa - I promise to not get too much manure on them, only in livestock emergencies!

And if you feel my 'wear' should be more practical, well I can always use new work jeans!  I love Cowgirls Tuff - they fit and hold up great!  But look at those boots!!!


I would love to read the manual and instructions for a set of clutches on the Kinze planter.........that being said I would also get the clutches!  Did I push that too far?

But I will add a suggestion for you to give to others........I might be biased but I think every family would love a copy of Meet Pete!!!!

Let's not forget my stocking - one can never have to many clamps to hold the pressure washer wand on, tarp straps disappear into thin air around here, I love Pez and Nerd Ropes!

Hope that nothing breaks down on your trip around the world!

Love, Jent

More Christmas fun from Girls Talk Ag - you'll even find out who owns an American Flag Bikini and a Mud Flap Chic necklace!!

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And might I suggest these Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies for Santa!

Looking for a more serious list......this is a great one for those guys who struggle - girls make sure you leave it open on the computer for them to see!!!

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November 5, 2017

There are worse things in life......

There are worse things in life than listening to Christmas carols while running the grain cart!

I keep repeating this to myself to keep moving forward with a half ass smile plastered on my face and  talking with a hint of sarcasm to keep my voice from quivering-I’m somewhat of a stress cryer!

Why is it on October 31 no matter where you are in harvest it’s all good?

“Oh it’s only Halloween things are looking good! We have a handle on harvest, it’s a good year!”

And less than 24 hours later......

It’s Nov 1 and panic creeps in!

“This is it-the sky is falling-we’ll never finish-we’ll be combining on Christmas Day!”

Today is not a beautiful fall November day-it’s overcast, the ground can be described as 'squishy', a storm is moving in.  It was a debate wether to attempt to work at all-we may shell for an hour before the rain starts or combine gets hung up or we may shell till dark-it’s a gamble!

But it’s a gamble that’s there every year and we just keep coming back to that Craps table!

We were able to shell 13 acres today before the rain moved started......again - and more rain and more rain - our yard is a lake as I finish typing this.  Chris says I'm taking it worse than him - that scares me!

But there a lots worse things in life than singing Christmas carols in the the tractor cab, I've done it before and lived, I can make it this time!

Heres a link to the latest Girls Talk Ag Podcast - The Harvest That Will Never End talking about crop updates, winter wheat acres, Dicamba, and what ever else that occurred to us!!

January 2, 2017

I'd rather dance with Wanda!!

Yes, I would rather pressure wash a hog barn than do bookwork!

This time of year brings about tweets and posts all over social media about the dreaded year-end paperwork, preparation for meetings with accountants and loan officers!

I giggle for two reasons:

1.  I no longer go to loan officer meeting!

B. I am immediately taken back to almost 25 years ago when Chris and I met for the first time together with our loan officer at the time!

Chris loves numbers, I however lack adequate respect for them from his standpoint.  I am 47 years old, and still sometimes run under the assumption that if I still have checks there must still be money. In all honesty Chris took the checkbook away from me years ago.......

I help when needed, which isn't often but I do know how to run the farm bookkeeping software, write paychecks and pay payroll taxes - but it's not my forte.  I will never live down a mistake I made the first year we were married and so my entries are sill double checked.

I accidentally assigned a tux rental for a friend's wedding to a farm account, therefore it was deducted as a business expense.  I know, the horror!  Chris lived in fear for 10 years that the IRS would catch it and audit us.  The time is expired, right?

But I digress.  Year-end paperwork and the yearly review with our loan officer, he claims, is a nightmare.  But I think he secretly thinks it's a holiday.  He knows our farm numbers backwards and forwards and loves to talk about them.

I, however, do not.  I'll do all the manual labor you like but sit in an office discussing numbers is not for me!  Chris and I review the numbers at home........repeatedly........then I let him have his fun with the loan officer.  We have always been blessed with loan officers who love agriculture as much as we do and have faith in us as a business.

So many stories about meeting with loan officers - there tends to be more farm and shop talk - like the bag balm story!!!  But I still laugh out loud at the memory of our first meeting with the loan officer as a married couple.  There we sat in the waiting area of the local Farm Credit Services office, sitting up straight, whispering quietly to each other and Chris with his brief case full of documentation on  his lap.  YES, a briefcase.  He loved that briefcase and the one time of year he got to use it.

I looked at it and seeing the lock, whispered sarcastically "You did lock it right?"  I shouldn't have, but hind sight is 20/20.  He looked at me, locked it, and said: "I know the combination, I made it easy so I could remember it if it ever got locked accidentally."

And he did, for one side!  We were called in right then and right there in front of our loan officer we sat as Chris pried open the one corner of the briefcase that wasn't locked and I carefully stuck my hand in to retrieve our paperwork!